How Well do You Know Lab Rats?

I'm a totall Lab Rats freak, so Imthought I'd make this test. The questions are pretty hard!!

Created by HH3tchw on 11/30/1999

Take the How Well do You Know Lab Rats? test.

What is Principal Perry's Middle name?

What is Bree's best friend's name?

When Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo played a football match against the Dingoes, what number was Leo's jersey?

In what class does Chase receive an A-?

What dance does Leo trick Chase into doing at the dance?

What name does Leo tell Janelle that Future Leo's name is?

What food is Adam eating at their first pep-rally?

Which of the following items was on Leo's list of items to bring back from space?

In episode "Drone Alone", when Leo calls Bree, what is in the background?

In what episode does Eddie trap Leo in the lab until Eddie is given the signal?

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