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This is some note to self that I made on September 9, 2008.

Created by XxJamberxX on Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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####M.L.K jr. Drive
North Chicago Ill 60064
September 9 2008

Dear Jalia Hubbard,
I know you may not read this but this is an important message for you. Here I list before you three main goals to complete for the first quarter. These goals are to get the best grades possible. Stop sleeping so much. And at last to all chores on time.
I know how difficult it is for you to stick to promises. I have listed some guidance to ensure you follow this path. Like last year you almost failed because you couldn't get your LA work in on time hopefully you won't have that problem again.This time set up an hour or two for homework and please give this effort.
Now to stop the sleep issue. Well the best answer I could say is to go to bed early. Or perhaps do an activity to keep myself up.
The most important is to do all chores. If your room is cluttered than so is your thoughts. Keep the floors clean and clear. This well also keep you from falling asleep.

Yours truly,
Jalia Hubbard

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