A Sasuke Love story: Chapter 11 (Bye Sasuke)

OK! I know i haven't updated in a while.............BUT HERE IT IS! CHAPTER 11 OF MAH SASUKE LOVE STORY! YAYYYYYYY!

Created by bluehatX on Monday, February 02, 2009

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You were hiding behind the bushes in the middle of the night (of course. in tthe middle of the night. hiding in the bushes. wow. thats not weird at all. Oh sorry. bac to the story. hehehehe) spying on Sasuke and Sakura. You broke up with Sasuke 2 monthes ago after Christmas, and you knew something was "up" between Sasuke and Sakura.

Sasuke: "What are you doing here in the middle of the night?"
Sakura: "Wel.. this is the path to leave the village so..."
Sasuke: "Go home and sleep." *walks past Sakura*
Sakura: *Tears up* "W...why *sniff* do you never talk to me...?"
Sasuke: ".........None of YOUR business. Go away"
Sakura: "....I....i was always hated from you...right..? Do you remember.....?"
Sasuke: :.................no"
Sakura: *sniff* "oh....yeah...um....it was a long time ago anyway."
Sakura: "But then started our journey with you...Naruto...me....and kakashi sensei"
Sasuke: ".....and Kime"
Sasuke: *sigh* "and Kime"
Sakura: "It was fun and all........"

Sasuke: "Sakura.......Arigato (thank you)..."
Sasuke hits Sakura on the bac of the head and she faints.

just before Sasuke reaches the gate, he sees you.
Sasuke: "What are you doing walking around in the middle of the night?"
You: "None of you BEES WAX. What are YOU doing walking around in the middle of the night?"
Sasuke thinking: Ohhhhh shes good
Sasuke: "......Go home and sleep."
You: "Why dont you go home and sleep?"
Sasuke: "Grrr.......YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR ANNOYING!!!"
You: "Soommmeeeebbboooodddyyyyy losstt hiss teeemmmmpppeerrrrrrr"
Sasuke: "I DID NOT"
You: "Then y r u yelling?"
Sasuke: "I AM NOT YELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You: "Yes you are"
Sasuke : "NO I AM NOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints*
You pick sasuke up and bring him home

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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