Warrior cat fanfic.Bramble and Hawk chap.1

HEre is what all the others were hinting at. All the Warrior ones anyway

Created by Talia9 on Friday, December 12, 2008

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Hello,I am Smokestar.Yes your dreaming.I'm the old leader of Thunderclan.Yes the one who lived during the time of Brambleeyes and Hawkeyes.I shall tell you the tale of that time.Quiet now and listen.
"Flameleaf have you seen Runningwind?I thought not.I fear the worst.Brownfur has Starclan-They have well,we won't tell her right now." Smokestar whispers as she talks with her mate and medicine cat."It will be Brambleeyes then?' Brownfur asks. smokestar nods. "Good choice." Flameleaf meows. "Take her hunting and make sure nothing slips." Smokestar orders and Flameleaf walks over to Brambleeyes "Let's hunt." he says they head out.He scents the air as she jumps on a mouse.She suddenly looks up and yowls "Leave Flameleaf!"A cat jumps out of the tree and lands on Brambleeyes. Flameleaf stared in shock and then acts.HE jumps at the new cat and pushes him off."Go from here Hawkeyes." Brambleeyes cries flashing out a paw."Mark my words sister,your whole clan will regret this." Hawkeyes snarls his blue eyes flashing.
Around this time I had learned not to trust cats with Hawk in there name.Maybe it was the history of the name,or simply a hawk represents danger to the clan's future. To be continued.

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