Remorse and Sorrow {an Itachi love story} ch.2

Uh... yeah... again, thank you, Kayla, for typing this! I owe you one!

Created by AkatsukiOtakuMajor18 on Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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You smiled dangerously as you entered Pein’s office.
“Well, looks like my evil older cousin finally found himself a girlfriend.”
Pein glared at you , and the blue haired woman blushed.
“This is Konan,” he growled, “And she’s not my girlfriend, she’s my partner.”
You raised your eyebrows.
“Partner in crime or---”
“Oh, just shut up. You always did have a knack of annoying the hell out of me.”
The other Akatsuki members were trying to keep straight faces.
“Aww, don’t be like that! Your just mad because Auntie liked me better! Isn’t that right…” you paused dramatically, “Peinsley!”
At that point, everyone but Pein burst out laughing. “How the Hell did you get the nickname, ‘Peinsley?’”
You grinned.
“Well,” you started, ”Every summer when me and Pein were five, we would always go to our aunts house. My aunt would were this weird paisley scarf, and little Pein here would always take it, and run around half-naked singing--”
Pein clapped a hand over your mouth and sent death glares to every to shut them up.
“Well, then. They must want to now your childhood nickname.”
“Hmmm…. Touché. But can you remember it?”
“N-no…” Pein grudgingly admitted. “But I can still throw you out of here.”
You shook your pointer finger at him in an accusing way.
“Naughty, naughty, threatening a lady. You should be more chivalrous like Itachi. He’s the one that rescued me.”
Pein turned to Itachi.
“Why Itachi? Why have you brought the devil to our door?”
“I’ll explain later. But for now…”
Itachi then whispered in the ears of all the other members. They all smiled and nodded.
Tobi cleaned his throat.
“Tobi really likes the new girl. Can she stay? Can we keep her? Please?”
They all put on puppy-dog face.
“That’s right my young Padawons, use the force!” You giggled.
Pein rolled his eyes.
“Okay, okay. Fine.”
You grinned and hugged Pein, really, really tight.
“Thanks Painsley!”
Pein winced as you said ‘Peinsley’.
“Please don’t call me that. Okay, Mayumi. Since you like Itachi so much you will be bunking with him and Kisame.”
Kisame’s eyes widened.
“She’s bunking with us?! But there’s only two beds!”
Pein smiled evilly.
“Well. That’s your problem.”
. . .
“Okay, how are we going to resolve the whole bed issue?” Kisame said once you got to your room.
‘How ‘bout rock paper scissors?” you suggested.
“Alright,” Itachi said, “Who ever wins chooses the sleeping arrangement for tonight.”
“That works! Okay let’s do it.”
To put it briefly, you won. Paper against two rocks.
“Aw, no fair! Best two out of three?”
“Nope. Sorry Kisame, but not going to happen.”
You walked over to Kisame’s bed and felt it. You thought for a moment.
“Okay, here’s how it’s going to work. Itachi you can keep your bed. Kisame, I get your bed and you get the couch down stairs.
“Hey! How come you have to have my bed? Why not Itachi’s?” He said.
“Because Itachi’s bed isn’t a water bed. You can take your blankets and stuff, though.”
“Fine. But tomorrow, you’re on the couch.”
Kisame grabbed his blanket, pillow, and shark pajams, and stomped out of the room.
You turned to Itachi.
“Thanks for saving me, Itachi. I totally--” you were cut off my Kisame marching back into the room, dropping to his knees in front of his bed, and sticking his arm under it. He fished around for a moment and finally pulled out… a shark plushie.
Kisame then got up, tucked the plushie under his arm, and left the room.
“Oookayyy… Awkward.” you said, “Any way, I owe you for saving me.”
You lightly kissed Itachi’s cheek. He blushed.
“Y-yeah. Sure.”

Sorry they're so short! they looked longer in my notebook!

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