A Place That I Can Call Home (YYH) #4

Yo, peeps! Here ya gonna go to the orphanage (not for anything bad, you negative thinking people!) and go to training also. You'll also meet uhh.. 4 dudes from the Dark Tournament that Yusuke's team beat already. I think you know their names, and I just HAD to add them, they're awesome!

Created by Yorukifon on Sunday, September 07, 2008

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Yukira's POV
I woke up in the morning at around what was it...*looks at clock* oh, 8:30 AM or so. I dressed into just some regular, casual clothing and went to Koenma's office.
"Koenma, I need a portal to the orphanage. I wanna pick up Rin. She can stay here, right?" I asked the toddler who was stamping papers at the moment.
"Mmhmm, sure." He waved his hand and a purple swirl that he called a portal appeared. I walked into it and landed into an alley close to the orphanage. I walked in and went to the little children's dorms. I spotted familiar brown shoulder-length hair on a small figure and called out, "Rin!"
Rin turned around and saw me, and immediately had a joyful smile on her face. She ran towards me and hugged my leg. "Do you wanna come with me and live where I am?" I inquired the young child. "Yes, yes!" Rin exclaimed, giddy to live with me. I smiled at how energetic she was. "Well, let's go." I walked back to the portal and carried Rin through it. I landed back in the living room of the mansion.
Everyone in there turned towards me. Then Kuwabara said something idiotic, "Is that your kid!?!" Everyone's eyes widened. "What the hell--of course not, you idiot!! She's from the orphanage. Koenma said it was ok to have her live with me." I retorted right back at him. Everyone seemed to give out a sigh of relief.
Rin let go of my leg and ran to Hiei, "Why are you wearing a dress?" She was tugging on Hiei's cloak. Everyone burst out laughing at Hiei while Hiei was *obviously* irritated and shouted at Rin, "It's NOT a dress!!!" Rin whimpered and ran towards me and hugged my leg tight. "Yukira-san, he's scary.." She mumbled pointing at Hiei who was trying to rid himself of embarrassment.
Just then Rin started bouncing towards Kurama while I watched with wide eyes, wondering what she was going to do. "Is that really your hair? It's so pretty! It feels so soft too! What do you use?" Rin bombed the questions towards Kurama who was astonished that she asked those questions. Yusuke and Kuwabara were still laughing. "Ehehe...sorry Kurama." I apoligized to him. "Sorry to you too, Hiei." I nodded towards Hiei who was sitting on the windowsill. "Hn."
My eye twitched. "Fricking..." "Anyway, Yukira, we're going to go out to the training grounds so I suggest you get changed," Kurama informed you. "Aight." I walked into my room and dressed into ninja sorta training clothes.
At the Training Grounds
"So...who's first?" I asked, cracking my knuckles. "It's weakest first, so go on up, Kuwabara!" Yusuke pushed Kuwabara onto the ring. "B-but Urameshi! I can't fight against a girl!" He protested. "Oh shut up! You're just afraid that you'll lose against a girl and all of your 'manly' pride will be gone!" I shouted over to him. "Not that you have much, anyway..." I added in a mutter.
Kurama heard me and chuckled. "What? Fine then!" Kuwabara jumped onto the fighting ring by himself.
-Cricket- *Silence*
"WELL?! COME ON AND GET ME DAMMIT!!!" I yelled at Kuwabara across the ring. "Alright, if you say so!" Kuwabara charged towards me using that 'Spirit Sword' which I honestly thought was a spirit stick. I sidestepped and thought of something hilarious to do. Kuwabara stumbled and I poked him in the butt with my finger, "Thousand years of pain!" I shouted. "AHHHHHHHH!" Kuwabara shrieked as he shot through the sky, hitting some trees on the way.
"OH MY GOD HHAHAHAHAHHA, he just got pwned!!" Yusuke shouted between gleeful laughter. "Nice name huh. Got it from Naruto." I explained, sticking out my tongue. "Alright then. My turn!" Yusuke rolled up his sleeves and jumped onto the fighting ring.
"Here...I....go!!" He charged at me right away, with fist at ready. I dodged it, and flipped right over him. He kept on trying to throw punches and a few kicks but I kept on dodging them with flips. "God dammit, stop dodging!! SPIRIT GUN!!" He shot an energy blast from his fingertip, obviously pissed off.
"Whoa." I barely managed to say before creating an ice shield with a psychic shield under it as a 'backup'. Then I disappeared and reappeared behind Yusuke with an ice dagger at hand. "I win!" I shouted, happy.
"Well, it looks like Urameshi got beaten by a girl!" An irish accent was heard. "Huh?" was the sound that came out of my mouth, confused. "Jin? Awesome!!" Yusuke ran towards the voice. I looked over to where he was and saw a wind demon with red puffy hair and a horn with criss-cross material and pants. Then there was this silk blue and sea green haired dude who was wearing blue clothes. Next to him was a tall drunk dude with a pretty cool blue mohawk. The last person was a little kid with a cap, brown hair, and 4 stars on his cheek.
"Who's the lassie?" the red-haired demon asked Yusuke. "Huh? Oh, this was my adopted sister, Yukira." He brought his arm around my shoulder into a brotherly hug. "Yo. Kurosaki Yukira, pleased ta meet cha. Who're you?" I smiled with a peace sign. The red-haired dude said, "Jin the wind master," then looked away with a hint of pink on his cheeks. "Toya, the ice master." The blue and sea green haired dude introduced. "Chu. Pleased to meet ya, shiela." The drunk said. "And I'm Rinku!" The kid said, holding yo-yo's.
"What's....going....on...guys?" Kuwabara panted, stumbling with cuts from trees into the training area.
"Whoa, what happened to ya, lad?" Jin said in his fast irish accent. " "Oh, you didn't know what happened. Dude, Yuki here just poked him in the butt while saying, 'Thousand years of pain!' and then he was sent through the sky! HAHA!" Yusuke explained, laughing again at the recent memory. I snickered, remembering what I did.
"really?" Toya asked me. "Yup." I grinned. "You did a good job there, shiela." Chu patted my shoulder. "Yukira, I'm gonna kill you for that!" Kuwabara shouted at me, pointing. "Ow..my ears are bleeding! Thanks a lot!" I shouted right back at him, holding my ears pretending that they were really bleeding. Everyone laughed.
"Besides, it's not like you really can kill me.." I mumbled, crossing my arms. "Why you!" He charged at me again and I just side-stepped him and he fell on the ground. "She's so awesome!!" Rinku shouted with sparkling eyes, admiring me only like a sister. I grinned and said, "I know I am." I ruffled the Rinku's hair and put his cap back on. "No, you're not!!" Kuwabara roared. "Geez...idiot says what?" I asked him. "Huh...what?" I snickered along with Rinku. "Heh, you're an idiot!" Rinku shouted up at Kuwabara.
Back at the Mansion
"Rinku, I'd like you to meet Rin. Rin, this is Rinku." I introduced the young kids to each other. (well not really Rinku since he's actually really old...but ya know what I mean) They quickly warmed up to each other and were playing with each other in a different room in no time.
"So you be an ice maiden, then?" Jin asked me. "Actually ..no, I'm human. I just have ice apparition powers for reasons unknown to me." I answered him. "Anyway, anyone want sushi?" I asked them, trying to get off the topic. Without an answer,I rushed off into the kitchen to make some.
While I was Making Sushi...yum..:3
"Why did she want to get off topic so fast?" Kurama wondered out loud. "She doesn't like talking about it because she hates not knowing why she has them. She thinks they're pretty cool...literally." Yusuke answered him once again.
"How do you know so much about her?" Toya asked him. "Well, she's my adopted sister, so I gotta know her. We were really close, too." Yusuke replied.
I came back into the room with a whole bunch of different sushi. "Alright, Yuki's sushi! This is heaven!" Yusuke cheered while I giggled. "I don't know man, I think she poisoned mine." Kuwabara retorted, uneasy. "No way, Yuki wouldn't do something like that!" Yusuke yelled back at him. I sighed and passed out the sushi.
"Whoa, this IS good!" Kuwabara had a sparkly backround while eating my sushi. "Thanks," I smiled. "Oishii!! Yuki-nee-chan, this is really good!" Rinku complimented me. "Umai! You are exceptionally good at making sushi, Yukira." Kurama commented, while Hiei nodded in agreement along with everyone else.
"Hey, Yuki! Why do you have more sushi than me!!" Kuwabara whined. "Because I was the one that made it, you baka." I retorted. "Hm..." Kuwabara thought. (Me: OH MY GOD, Kuwabara thought!! Kuwa: HEY!! Me: Psh.) "Hey Yuki, look over there!" Kuwabara pointed outside the window. "Hm?" I looked over with my mouth full of yummy sushi. Everyone looked at me in disbelief that I actually fell for it, except for Hiei who knew what I was doing.
Kuwabara popped one of my sushi rolls into his mouth, but immediately shrieked with his cheeks red. "WHAT ARE YOU EATING!!?!" He shouted at me while frantically searching for water. I grinned and held up a sushi, "Wasabi sushi. (Ya know, those spicy ones)" Everyone in the room laughed as they watched Kuwabara continue to shriek with his cheeks on fire. I smiled a smile full of different things.
A smile...a smile out of happiness about being with such great friends...gratitude, about how grateful I was to have so many people that cared for me...and just pure joy and love for all of these people here, in this place I can call home with me.

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