I Have To Live With Jeffree Star?! Part Four.

Yep, it's been a while. Hope everyone who liked it was patient enough to wait for an update. : ) BTW, it made me rate it MATURE because it says panties. GAYY! mxblyts

Created by gunzXgoXbang on Sunday, May 04, 2008

The next morning I got dressed in some pink boy shorts, a black bra, and a white tank top and went downstairs. I was met by a bunch of hot scene guys, and Jeffree all dressed up.
'What in the hell?' I asked, standing there in horror.
'Oh! Karrie, how would you like to do a photo shoot?!' Jeffree squealed happily.
'Um, I don't know,' I sighed.
'Good! Eric! Handle her please!' Jeffree told one of the guys.
He walked over without a shirt, and in tight ass black jeans.
'Come on,' he smiled softly and brought me to where there was a shit load of pink stuff.
I looked over me and dug through some things. He gave me a pair of boy short panties that said CUNT on the front. And he handed me a white tee with a pink melting popsicle that said "So Sweet" on it. All Jeffree Star clothes. I rolled my eyes.
'Oh, you might want to wear a pink bra,' he smirked.
I nodded and went up to my room. I knew Eric had followed me up. I went through my things until I found a bright pink bra.
'Did you want to help me?' I asked, biting my lip.
He nodded and shut my door behind him. He slowly pulled my tank top off then slid his hands around to my back and unlatched my bra. I smirked and turned around so that my back was to him. I felt his hands run down my back.
'Latch this,' I told him, sliding my bra on.
He quickly did as I asked, and then turned me to him again. I smirked up at him. He leaned in and his hot breath fell over my ear, giving my goosebumps. He helped me get my shirt on and then started to tug my panties off.
'Nope!' I pushed him back a little.
'Why not?' he whined.
'Just turn around,' I told him sternly.
He rolled his eyes, but did as told. I quickly changed my panties and then slid my hands up his back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he grabbed me. He turned me so that I was facing his face, and then licked my bottom lip. I giggled and pulled back.
'So, what am I doing?' I asked as I sat waiting for the shoot to start.
'Sitting on me, skinny bitch,' Jeffree said, rolling his eyes at my impatience.
I watched his hair stylist tease his pink hair. It was weird.
'Seriously?' I asked slowly.
'You are making love to me and Eric,' he smirked at this.
'Wow,' I groaned.
'You really have to break things of with Drake. You can have Eric,' he told me with an innocent smile.
'Fine. But I better have Eric all to myself,' I grumbled.
'You will!!!' Jeffree sang.
When it was finally time to take the picture I was positioned between Jeffree and Eric. I was to have my back bowed, my arm over Jeff, and my leg draped over Eric's legs. So I did just that. For the next one I was sitting on Jeff's stomach, bending as far back as my body would allow. I was bent back to the point that my head my touching Jeff's legs. And for a few more shots I was under a sitting Eric, and he had his hands up my shirt, in my hair, or on my thighs. When the shoot was over I was forced to call Drake and to end things. He didn't seem to care. But I felt really bummed afterwards. Once the house had cleared out, besides Eric, Jeffree, and Jeff's boyfriend, I went to the kitchen. I grabbed some Vodka and opened the bottle. I swallowed down as much as I could in 60 seconds. After this gi-normous gulp I felt light headed. I sat down and took a few more gulps. That's when Jeff walked in, grabbed the bottle, and sat across from me.
'What do you think your doing?' he asked.
'I think I was getting drunk,' I slurred angrily.
'No, you were trying to. But your not going to.' he tried to correct me.
'Fuck you,' I said, starting to leave the room.
'Karrie, wait,' he sighed.
I turned to him.
'I want what's best for you. I really do. And I know that I'm not the best role model or anything, but sweetie, I'm trying. I thought maybe distracting you with photo shoots would make you happy. But I guess that made things worse. Just give this a try. We can have fun! We can get along! We just have to figure out what we have in common!' he sang, 'And I'm guessing we'll have a lot in common, because we both love Vodka!'

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