I Have To Live With Jeffree Star?! Part Three.


Created by gunzXgoXbang on Sunday, January 06, 2008

At the mall he dragged me to expensive stores and I had to stop his attempts to buy everything in the store that he could wear, or use. I had a hold of his wrist and was dragging him to Hot Topic. He had ten bags leaving the store. I did as well. We laughed as we left the mall. Some of Jeffree's bodyguards were carrying bags to. Why were we getting along? We both love clothes, and shopping.
'Kare, you have good taste,' Jeffree said some hours later as we sat in his living room.
'Thanks, your taste isn't half bad either.' I sang.
He rolled his eyes, 'So, Karrie what do you do for fun?' he asked.
I gulped slightly, 'Um, stuff, are there other teens around here?' I asked, looking at him for a second.
'Yes there are.' he answered, looking out the window.
I quickly got up, and ran out the front door. There was a group of guys and girls.
'Hi,' I sang, walking up to them.
'Holy shit, you live with Jeffree Star?' one of the girls asked.
'Temporarily,' I groaned.
'Cool,' another girl slurred.
'So, um, what do you guys do for fun around here?' I asked, smiling.
'Uh, get high, drink, skate, fuck,' one of the guys offered.
'Good, then I think I'll fit in here,' I said, smiling.
'Your hot,' another guy said.
'Thanks,' I said unsurely.
'What's your name?' a girl asked.
'Karrie,' I answered.
'Oh, youre the Lawson daughter,' a girl said excitedly.
I nodded, not knowing I was very well known.
'I'm Jessica!' the same girl yelped.
There ended up being Jessica, Eliza, Megan, Tabitha, and Jasmine for girls. And for guys there was Phillip, Michael, Eric, Johnny, and Drake. Drake was really hot. I decided to keep my eyes on him. Plus, he was the only guy without a girlfriend. He was a huge flirt.
**Four Hours Later**
'Holy shit, I am so high,' I laughed, my eyes kind fo blurry.
Drake was beside me, he wrapped his arms around my waist, and seconds later we were making out. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.
'Ugh,' I groaned pulling away from him.
I grabbed my phone, and answered.
'Hello,' I said in a high pitched girly voice.
'Karrie, are you okay?' came a worried Jeffree.
'I'm fine Jeff, don't worry,' I laughed.
'Karrie what are you doing?' he asked.
'Nothing!' I yelped, and snapped my phone shut.
Drake laughed, and pulled me to him once again. He kissed me roughly, and I let him lay me down. We made out for a good half an hour. Everyone else was getting drunk. My phone went off again.
'Hello?' I asked in annoyance.
'You need to come home Karrie,' Jeffree scolded.
'Why?' I asked, not really caring.
'Because, I'm supposed ot keep you safe, and yet I don't even know where you are.' he growled.
'Well, than, bad on you,' I sighed.
'Come back to my place,' he instructed and hung up.
'Ugh, I have to go,' I groaned.
'Do you want me to walk you home?' he asked.
'Yes!' I smiled, and kissed him.
We got up and walked out the door. I didn't know I would find people that I had things in common with. Not that I knew anything about these kids. The walk was about an hour since we walked so damn slow. I was starting to sober up. It doesn't take much for me to.
'So, where are you from?' Drake asked.
'Las Vegas,' I groaned, and yawned.
'Oh, cool,' he said.
'Yea, I miss it already,' I laughed.
He turned to me once we were in front of Jeff's house.
'I'll see you tomorrow,' he sighed, and kissed me.
I pulled back, bit my lip, and walked up to the house.
'Finally Karrie!' Jeff yelled.
'Shut up,' I groaned.
Bright lights were everywhere, and his loud booming voice made me feel nauseous.
'Where have you been?' Jeffree demanded.
'Drake's place,' I mumbled.
'Karrie, those kids are no good,' he sighed.
'Fuck you.' I mumbled, and went upstairs.
I went into my room, closed and locked the door, kicked off my heels, then went to sleep in my clothes.


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