Avengers OneShot for PinkPharaoh--Thor&Loki

Okay, to start I AM SOSOSOSOSOSO SOOOO SORRY this took so long!! And, since it took so long, it's a multiple part oneshot, One part at a time. So, this is Part One of your oneshot, PinkPharoa, and the next one or two parts will he up in the next few days. Hope you enjoy! (PinkPharoa--if you don't like it, messge me and I'll write you a new one)

Created by Kittyninja117 on Thursday, September 26, 2013


Part One

For: PinkPharaoh

You sit beside a beautiful lake as the sun rises across the sparkling water. As you watch the small waves in the water your glittering purple mermaid tail begins to transform into human feet and legs. Once your legs are completely human again, you stand up. After a moment's silence, you call to the water, "Goodbye!" Then three heads appear from under the water. Your cousins. Red-Anna, Golda and Silvera. "Goodbye, Pink!" They all cheer together. You smile to yourself and begin to walk away.You have a busy day planned and you can't afford to lose any time.
You reach New York a while later. It's almost noon. You sit on a bench somewhat near Stark Tower.I wonder when they'll come.You wonder. Then you see reporters and fangirls rush down the street towards you. You look at them in surprise at first and then realize they're looking past you. You turn to see a cool, bright red car driving through the street.Oh, that must be Tony Stark. Makes sense, considering Stark Tower is right there.He stops the car beside you, "Pink, right?" He asks, you hardly have time to nod before he opens the door, "Come in. I'm here on behalf of SHIELD. And Thor." The mention of his name makes you smile, "Thor? He's on Earth again?" You ask as you climb in the car. Tony nods, "Yup. SHIELD helicarrier. I'll take you there right now." Then he starts to drive again. You guys transfer into a SHIELD helicopter then land on the helicarrier. As soon as you land you pelt Tony with questions. "Where is he? Is Loki here too? When did they get here?" And so on. Thor and Loki are your best friends. And you theirs. You met Thor when he was exiled to earth and he told you about Loki. When Loki came to New York a while later, you talked to him a few times. So you were all great friends now. Thor had wanted you to come to Asgard with him but since you had promises to keep to your Cousins you decided against it. As a MerFairy it probably wouldn't have worked out well anyway. You lived in the underwater MerFairy kingdom at night and lived as a human during the day. Tony sighed, "Inside. Yes. Last night." He replied to your first questions, "Great! I can't wait to see them again!" You exclaim as you exit the helicopter and go to enter the helicarrier. "Pink, wait!" Said Tony behind you, you ignored him. As soon as you walked inside, you were greeted by a shield agent. "Name?" He asks, not recognizing you. You notice one of his hands on a small gun. Just in case. "Pink Pharaoh." You reply, Phil (Coulson) puts away the gun. "Mr. Stark brought you here, correct?" He asks, you nod. "To see Thor and Loki." Phil nods, "Follow me please." Then he starts to walk away, you hurry to catch up with him. "Thor's been waiting for your return. He's very excited to see you again." Phil says, trying to start a conversation. You nod happily, "And Loki, I'm guessing?" Phil hesitates then says slowly, "He hasn't said much." You reach a door and enter the room, "Thor!" "Pink!" You two cry happily, he practically kills you with his hugs. "I'm so glad your back!" You manage to say as he squeezes you. "As am I!" He exclaims. Phil smiles and turns to leave. "Where's Loki?" You ask, suddenly realizing he's not in the room with you and Thor. Phil pauses for a moment then reaches for the door handle. Thor's face darkens, "These Midgardians have imprisoned him." He replies, "What?! Why?" You turn angrily to Phil, who's staring at you. "He tried to take over the world, killed hundreds of people and almost caused the destruction of New York." Phil says calmly, you're anger level is high and for a second you're happy you're not like Bruce Banner. Then you wish you were so you could crush all these stupid SHIELD agents and free your friend. "He's changed! He's no longer evil, he is now like he used to be before he found out he was adopted!" Thor cries angrily. Phil starts to open the door, "You can speak to Nick Fury about this. I'm just an Agent." Then he leaves. You turn to Thor, he's grabbing Mjönir and heading for the door. "Where are you going?" You ask, "To free Loki!"
Clint sees you two walking towards where Loki is being kept. He walks over, "Excuse me, but Director Fury has instructed that at least two SHIELD agents accompany you when you visit the God of Mischief. I don't see any agents with you." He greets Thor, "We need no SHIELD agents with us while we visit my brother." Thor says calmly, you watch him carefully. "Sorry, orders. And that'll be three or four agents instead considering you have your friend with you." He says, glancing at you briefly. He calls Natasha over, "We'll need two more agents." He tells her, "Do they have to be Agents?" She asks, Clint smiles and shakes his head. Natasha runs off with Clint watching her. "Wait here." He tells you and Thor. A minute later, Natasha returns with Steve, along with his shield, and Tony, in the suit. You all go off to see Loki. Once you arrive, Loki immediately spots you and smiles. "Good to see you again, Pink." He says happily. "You too, Loki." You stare at him through the glass cage he's in. Thor suddenly smashes the glass. Natasha pulls her gun out and points it at Loki. Clint draws back his bow, pointing at the same target as Natasha. Tony stares at Thor with his armoured hands raised and ready to fire. Steve holds his shield in one hand and a gun pointed at Thor in the other. You stand there and watch everything. "Put the hammer down." Says Steve, "Have you not learned from the first time that that is a bad idea and he loves his hammer?" Tony asks, Thor glares at them. Loki frowns. "I wish to do you no harm but if you leave me with no choice..." He says, you frown at seeing his frost giant part of him showing. His evil side. "Drop the sceptre, Loki." Orders Natasha, "They both love their weapons and do not want to 'drop them' or 'put them down'. Can we please stop saying that before they destroy everything?" Tony almost yells. Loki takes a step forward and trips over his foot. He falls into Clint. Causing him to shoot. The arrow hits someone causing them to fall and knock over something. Whatever they knocked over and hit Steve and made him jump. He threw his shield accidentally. It hit Tony's stomach causing him to go flying backwards, knocking Natasha over. Out of instinct, she shot. The bullet deflected off Thor's hammer causing him to get mad, he tried to hit Natasha with his hammer but missed and dropped it. It landed on your foot making you cry out in pain and fall over. Then the power goes out. And you hear a yell. "HULK SMASH!"End of Part One

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