You'll Never Win.


Created by SMOSHER on Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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"Hello Kitty"Odin saysas me,Thor and Loki walk by.
"Hello Allfather"I smile as I turn to him and for once he smiling,I find myself thinking;will me and Loki be the same here or was what we had just on earth.I walk into to my room I have despertily missed,I liked my room on earth but it wasn't the same and I loved earth but it wasn't home.I finally have my feeling of home again,but something has changed and I know what it's just me and...and my family.I neverthought Loki would be the one to hold my heart.(QM:if you know where this is from message me the answer if it's right you'll get ten points)I smile wider walking in my bedroom ahh,what I've been missing purple my color,my room back on earth had too much green I think we know where it came from too.I peel my Midgarding clothes off putting on my warrior clothes that are better then anyone elses I know,I think so anyway.I put on the black under cloth thing,then I wrap the silver metal wrap things that wrap around my left leg then goes on my stoumic up my chest and on wrap aroundmy right arm,the other side goes on my right leg crosses the other side on my stoumic and chest and then wraps around my left arm.I put on my purple cape that has a hood unlike most people.I hear Nat's voice ring through my head "why do you get the better suit Kit Kat"I laugh slightly I always did get the better suits.I walk out of my room to see Thor and Loki gazing mouths open.
"I missed the sight of you"Thor whisper,I tackle him.
"huh,huh you missed me"I ruffed up his hair.
"yeah I have"he smiled,Loki smirked.
"and you missed me too did ya"I ruff up his hair,he rolled his eyes not wanting to amitted that infront of Thor.
"yes actuclly I did"he smiled,I'm shocked he actuclly amitted to it and infront of Thor.I sighed,'should we tell Thor'I ask Loki inside his head 'why not'he smiled,I swear ever since what happened,his smile makes my heart turn allwarm.I guess I have to amite that I actuclly fell in love and Inever didexpected to be him to spewt me off my feet.
"Thor I have to tell you something"I grab Thor wrist "we have something to tell you"I look at Loki smiling.
"what is it Kitty"Thor asks look back and fother between me and Loki confused as all get out.
"Me and Kitty something happened between us at Midgard"Loki sighed not daring to look at Thor he just looked at me.How did this even happen?
"Me and Loki changed our feeling toward eachother we..."I could finish my sentce at all scared if the words came out they wouldn't be true.
"we're falling in love"Loki finished my sentce.
"but we havn't hit the ground...not yet"I added as I watched Thor figure out what we were saying,then his face lightened up.
"I never couldimage you two fallenin love"Thor laughs "you two always for mischef,you thought you could trick me,this isn't your best trickary,but a great laugh"he laughs louder,he doesn't belive us does he?He thinks it's a big joke.
"we're not desiving you"I snort shaking my head.
"oh you aren't lying?Prove it"Thor dared me and Loki,we looked at eachother and shruged.We kissed it made my head spin,it was only the third time we kissed.That melting feeling that happens when we kissed was amazing.""Thor whispered "you aren't lying"he sat down,I guess it hit him like a ton of bricks,wait scrach that a thousand tons of bricks."well that ruined my plans"Thor said louder.
"what plans"I ask
"I was going to ask you to be queen"Thor gulpped like he still had a chance.Loki closed his eye and sighed hoping that I wouldn't say yes.
"Thor,I am sorry but I love you like a brother not like that"I sit down by him.
"I should of know"he got up and stomped of like a four year not being able to get something he wants.
"Thor,stop I didn't mean to hurt you I just"I yelled as he stomped off.I look down sighing I feel so bad for doing that to Thor but it was true I don't love him like that at all.
"don't worry your pretty head about that dear"Loki says lifting my head up making look at him,then he tucks the one piece of white blonde hair that stuck out in my blackloosly curlyhair,behind my ear,I grab his hand by my ear and smile.
"I'll beat you to the field"I smile and evapotre to the field we,me,Loki and Thor would hang out at.Since it's spring in Asgard the field has a layer of purple and yellow flowers.Loki appers a couple feet infront of me but not facing me,I take avangie of this and tackle him,he falls.
"I know,I know you'll never win"Loki knew what I was going to say I said this everytime we had a battle with magic.
"you bet ya"I peck his lip with mine and run to the apple tree in the field,it has low branches so it's super easy to climb and it beautiful,it's way prettier then Midgarding apple trees.I knew Loki was going to tackle me so I evapote to the tree and he does after me.You know what everything feels right in the world right now...everything.

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