A Soul Worth Protecting-Soul Eater Fan Fiction (Death The Kid Love Story)

Created by chassy1995 on Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Chapter 2
Turns out Death had quite a few jobs for me. Its been three days since I found the fake witch. I have been assigned to kill a Manticore that was attacking a town, a Succubus demon who was seducing men who came near her in a forest, and today I killed a Horror dragon in Transylvania on a rampage killing anything in site. I'm currently on my way back home on the jet powered transforming skateboard given to me by Death, It has many modes and can be upgraded to transform into ANY form I need! All I have to do is inform himon what I need and he upgrades it. Just as I landed in front of the academy I got a mirror call from the boss. "Meister Dawn I have a very important mission for you. One of my students has been assigned a mission to defeat Don Al Capone and his men, They have targeted a witch named Angela. He is in desperate need of a lesson, and the witch needs a protector,We also need the guardian on our side, so here's what I need you to do. Assassinate Capone and his men before the student arrives get him to fight the guardian, regardless of how the fight ends, I need you to fight him as well but don't let him win and don't hurt him to bad. I also need you to convince the witches guardian to let you care for her at all times and try to get the guardian to join us. Things aren't going to get better until she can protect herself. you must make Angela the top priority, understand?" I stared in shock for a moment. How can he expect me to babysit some witch while I work? Well I guess I do already but still..."I understand sir but, How am I going to work and watch after some witchat the same time?" "Your protecting her just like you protect your weapons, it cant be that hard. Anyway since your turning 15 tomorrow I'm giving you a new mode for the skateboard as a gift so you will need to come by now for a quick training lesson. I'll be waiting so hurry!" And with that he hung up.
10 Minutes later I was walking down the death room hall. I wonder what mode it will be. I reached the end of the hall and saw Death standing at his mirror. "Lord Death? I'm here!" I said excitedly. He turned around and held out his arms. "Good to see you in person Dawn!" I ran over and hugged him, and he hugged back. "You have grown up so much since I saw you last! You need to visit more!" "I know sir I will!" "Ok since we are stretched for time lets see that board!" I got out the board that was shrunk into a box the size of my thumb and handed it to Death. He held his had over It and used some reaper magic. "Close your eyes! No peeking!" I did as I was told and opened my eyes to a Awesome Car! (see website) "HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY!" "OMG!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! IVE ALWAYS WANTED A CAR!" I jumped up and down grinning from ear to ear. "Not just any car! It has features! If you push the button by the ignition it changes into a jet powered flying car! I have something similar so I think it will come in handy. It also can change its style to accompany more passengers and it has car seats for your youngest weapons. It has a lock so that only your voice can open it and so much more!" I stood staring at him in shock. "Well don't stand there like a deer caught in the headlights get in!" I teared up and ran to him for yet another hug. " Thank you Lord Death, No one has ever been this nice to me!" "There now, Its ok. You have earned it! Now enjoy it! Go kick some bad guy butt!" I smiled and turned it into a scooter(without seat) and bowed and began to ride it down the hall. "I love it sir! Thanks again! Call you later!" When I got to the steps of the school I switched to skateboard, and rode down the flat part of the rail. Then when I got to the road I switched to car mode, and got in. uh oh...stick shift..."Automatic shifting mode?" I heard a noise then the car began to change. "Sweet this is perfect!"I had learned to drive from watching others I was always good at adapting. I turned on the AC and got out and pulled out the two small knives from my boots. "Girls, Human form." two small girls stood in front of me, the first girl had white hair and the second girl had black hair. Regardless of their hair color the girls were twins. "Cleo, Mira,come here please" "Yes mam." I put the girls in their car seats. Cleo, the white haired girl is in the seat behind the passenger seat and Mira, the Black haired girl is behind me. They were named so that when you put their names together, take off the oit spells Miracle. I found them when they were baby's, they were in a basket in the corner of a old shack out in the middle of a field where I was fighting a demon. It was out in Germany, after I had killed the demon I heard them crying and I went to investigate it really was a miracle so that's how I named them. "Alright lets go wehave a very important mission."
We pulled up at the gates of a huge witch house, I got the girls out and put the car into box form and put it in my pocket. "Weapon form please girls." I said as I held out my hands, they walked up to me and put their hands in mine and turned into to hunting knives. I put them in my boots and slowly walked through the gates.
Death's POV
I drew on the mirror that stood before me, "66613." The mirror showed Dawn walking through the gates of a huge courtyard, Al Capone was almost there. Be careful, May the gods watch over you.She walked to the front gate covered in yellow tape that read "Do Not Cross".She turned slowly tofind that a man was sitting on a rock by the gate staring at her. So this must be the Sword God I've heard so much about. Mifune.
Dawn's POV
"Are you here to collect the witch Angela's soul? And if I don't like your answer you die." The mysterious man said in a voice that was just to calm for my wishes. I looked him in the eyes, "No I'm here for the souls that are about to attack you. The only thing I want for Angela is her safety." The man seemed shocked," What souls are you referring to? I don't see anyone." "Of course you don't, they aren't here yet. They will be here soon but I do have a favor to ask, may I kill them when they get here?" He looked at me funny but agreed.

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