wait...sasuke likes who??? chapter 2

Recap: Sasuke asked Tsubaki if he can try one of her cookies and come over, they talked and became friends. end of recap. Enjoy this chapter peps! Oh and by the way Im not going along with the story line very well so im just going to give up on that OK? OK! Enjoy. rate and message me on what you think!

Created by animefan1234561234 on Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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Tsubaki P.O.V
I was making cookies for the class when their was a knock at my door, so being the polite person I am I went and opened the door. It was Hokage-sempi. "Hi Hokage-sempi what are you doing here on this fine day... I was just making cookies if you would like one please come on in." I said nicely. He steped inside. "So Tsubaki did you make any new friends today?" He asked. "Yes I did a girl named Ino and a boy named Sasuke." I said proudly. Hokage-sama looked pleased then he looked puzzled. "Sasuke eh? Thats funny because he is not usually the social type of person..." Hokage said. "I know but I was training earlier and he watched me train then he asked if he could come over and try one of the cookies that I love to bake. then we talked a little bit and I guess he warmed up to me and now he is more talkative." I explained to the Hokage. "Interesting, this could be very interesting." He whispered to himself. I went back to making the cookies. "Sasuke also said that I should make cookies for the class so im making them right now." I said. "Well thats nice to hear your making friends and if you need anything you know who to ask Tsubaki, I better get going I have some paperwork to do.Goodbye Tsubaki." Hokage-sama said. "ok good night see you soon." I replied. Then he left.Once I had finished making the cookies I wraped them and put them in a basket and set it next to my school stuff and went to get ready for bed then went to sleep. When i woke up the next morning I felt very nervouse. What if they dont like the cookies? Well Sasuke liked them and Hokage-sama likes them so...I shouldnt worry so much I better get ready for school. I thought as I got ready. I grabbed my school stuff and the basket of cookies that were neatly wraped inside. once I got to school I sat down at a desk and my school stuff. Then all of a sudden Sasuke ran into the room followed by about a dozen girls, so I grabbed the basket of cookiesand jumped into action. "Hi Sasuke-sama, Hi girls would you like a cookie that I made yesterday?" I asked. I handed each of them a cookie, they unwraped it and took a bite. "Wow these are really good!" they all said. Ino and the rest of the people I met yesterday came in so I gave them a cookie too. "Wow Tsubaki-chan these are amazingly good!" Ino said. "These are as good as ramen!" Naruto yelled happily. " You can thank Sasuke-sama for giving me the idea to do that." I said and pointed at sasuke. "Thanks for saying that I should do this Sasuke-chan!!" I said nicely. I thought I saw the slightest of blushes creep across his face. "No problem Tsubaki-chan." He said. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE gasped as if they had never heared him say more than 'hn' or 'whatever'... "What, why did everyone gasp?" I asked Ino. "Well you see Sasuke isnt...well he usually only says 'hn','whatever' or 'go away loser' none of us have even had a real conversation with him." Ino explained. Then she turned to me. "Tsubaki how did you get through to him? are you two friends now 'cause that would be awesome you would be the first known person that sasuke-kun will actually have a good talk with!" Ino whispered. "Well Ino while I was training Sasuke came and watched, then he came over and asked if he could come over andtry one of my cookies and we had a good conversation then I asked if he wanted to be my friend and he said 'sure I would love to' then we talked abit more then he had to leave." I whipered back to Ino.
"WHAT?!?!?!" Ino yelled. then everyone turned to Ino and I Looking confused. "Tsubaki and Sasuke-kun are FRIENDS!!!" Ino yelled. they looked from me to Sasuke and back to me. "Sure we are friends arnt we Sasuke-chan?" I asked. "Yea we are friends and I dont see why everyone is so weirded out by that, I can make friends if I want to... but you girls are just fangirls who want to be my girlfriend, but Tsubaki is different she just wants to be my friend and she doesnt glomp me or beg to be with me so I think she is nice to be around!" Sasuke explained.Everyones mouths droped except for mine and sasuke's. "wow" was all they could say. then I took out another cookie and gave it to Sasuke which he gladly took and ate. That was nice of Sasuke-chan to say all that, how sweet of him. I thought happily as I went to go sit down. Then Sasuke came and sat on the right side of the desk and Ino came and sat on the left. everyone took their seats when Iruka-sensai came and told everyone to sit down.
Sasuke's P.O.V
Wow I cant belive I said that in front of everyone! It felt good to stand up for Tsubaki, She is really nice, sweet, pretty,good at cooking, she reminds me of my mother, but she isnt sooo... well she is cute... WHAT AM I THINKING?!?!?!?I thought. Why am I even thinking that way about my friend... Well she is attractive... STOP THINKING THAT WAY SASUKE UCHIHA!!! I thought. soon it was lunch time and I pulled out some rice balls, I looked over at Tsubaki to see what she had for lunch. Wow she has riceballs too... I thought as I ate. when I was done eating I decided to draw a little... but I was never really good at it.
Tsubaki's P.O.V
I looked over to see what Sasuke was doing...He was drawing. "Hey Sasuke-chan what are you drawing?" I asked. "Oh umm its a surprise you can see it when its done." He replied. "Done!" he said. I looked over his shoulder to see that he drew a rose and it was really good, it almost looked real.

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