Searching For... (Edward x Reader)

Edward Elric x Reader You were left behind in Trisha Elric's care by your father. After she died, you tried to resurrect her with the two Elric brothers. But that resulted into losing an arm and leg for Edward and a body for Alponse as your price to see Truth. Now, you're searching for the Philosopher's Stone with the brothers and information about your true family. Sorry that the summary is bad...

Created by Vanillagirl6 on Friday, June 28, 2013

*Crack. BOOM!!*
The thunder shook the house, occasional flashes of lightning from the dark clouds lighting up the sky for a second before vanishing. Trisha Elric prepared for dinner while her two sons, four and three years old, played with their colored wooden blocks as they waited. The oldest son made a little house using a green cube and placing a blue triangle on top of it while his younger brother just stacked different colored cubes one after another. The tower the youngest had made tumbled down from its uneven balance, scattering the cubes everywhere. The two of them laughed as it fell, finding it highly amusing.
The house shook again from the roar of the thunder, scaring the wits out of the two young boys. They ran to their mother for comfort, abandoning their toys strewn across the floor. Trisha laughed softly as her two sons hugged her knees, cowering in fear. Trisha stroked their heads as they buried their faces into her dress, listening to the sound of the wind howling as the rain battered the windows.
*Knock. Knock*
Trisha looked up in surprise at the sound of knocking on the door. Someone was outside, but who could it be at this hour? Especially in this kind of weather. Trisha made her two children let go of her and walked up to the door to open it. When she opened, she saw that outside, in the pouring rain, stood a drenched cloaked man, hisface hidden by the hood of his cloak.He held something underneath his attire.

"... May I help you?" Trisha asked the mysterious man. He looked up at the woman in front of him.

"... Please," the man said, almost in a whisper. "take care of this child." He revealed what he had underneath his cloak, showing Trisha a small girl with (h/l) (h/c), around the age of four, sleeping peacefullywith a bundle of cloths wrapped around her, keeping her warm and dry from the rain. "Take care of her. Keep her happy. Keep her safe." he begged. Trisha stared at the sleeping girl for a moment and then nodded her head firmly. But before she could take the child into her arms, the man pulled the girl away from Trisha's reach to give the her one last hug. "Remember (Name), Papa loves you. Mama loves you." he whispered into her ear. The child squirmed but carried on sleeping. "I'm sorry..." his voice broke, tears falling from the man's eyes. He handed the girl into the waiting arms of Trisha. "Thank you..." he said. Then he took off into the stormy night. Trisha watched the man go, a flash of lightning making him vanish.

"Mom, who was that?" the oldest son asked as Trisha closed the door gently.
"No one, Edward." she answered him, still looking at the door as though she expected the man to show up and take the little girl back. But he never came. The youngest son saw the bundle his mother was carrying.
"What's that?" he asked her curiously. Trisha sat down on the couch and the two boys crowded around her, wanting to see what their mother was holding. "Who's this?" he asked, looking at the sleeping girl's face.
"Her name's (Name), Alphonse." Trisha told him as she stroked the sleeping child's face. "She's part of our family now." The little girl squirmed again but this time opened her (e/c) eyes. She blinked.
"Ah! She's awake!" Edward exclaimed. The young girl looked at him, confusion written on her face. Then she looked up at Trisha.
"Where am I?" (Name) asked, a hint of panic in her voice. Trisha smiled warmly at her.
"Don't worry, you're safe here."

I DO NOT own Fullmetal Alchemist nor you!! Oh, and this is my first reader insert story so go easy on me!!

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