A Fight for my Freedom (prologue)

Rosamire (pronounced: Rosa-mirror). Her memory was also erased at eleven, but unlike Skye, she actually gets someone killed who she loves. I will probably be making you girls swoon over him when he dies, not saying his name.

Created by RosaleeSkyeCalvert663 on Friday, October 26, 2012


The cool night air was thick with mist as Rosamire ran through the thick forest near the palace, crisp autumn air hitting her pale face as her bare feet made the leaves make a cracking sound. Her misty grey eyes were full of tears, tears which her long black hair wiped away as it hit her in the face.

why,she thought as she heard the guards shout that she was missing, am I doing this?A howl came through the night to her right and she ran even faster.

It's my fault, my fault they're dead, the young girl thought miserably, leaving the life she had lived as the princess of Riednignaled behind as she ran on the line between fear, life, and death.

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