Here to protect [Death the kid one-shot] for Kilalauchiha

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Created by 8kidsouleater on Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Name: Syura Kinamoto
With whom: Death The Kid
Breif history: Syu is part of a long generation of Shinigami protecters, Her clan becoming extinct after the witches had taken them out.
Weapon: Long black saber named Sebastian
looks like:

Story begins now:

Misson objective: Protect Death and his son

Status of misson being completed: 50%

"Syu.....Syu.....Syu! Are you even listening to me?" Sebastian asked me as he waves a hand in front of me

I blinked my eyes a bit. "Huh?" I say

"I guess not. C'mon we have to report to the death room. We aren't here to space off like that. Do you WANT to be killed?" He asked

"No....I was just thinking, what if we're too late?"I asked looking to him

"We aren't, now c'mon." He said dragging me by my arm

Once we get to the death room he let go of me and we walked until we get to this platform that was in the middle of the room. I saw Death and his son, who I assumed because of fact he had rings of a shanagami on either one of his hands.

"Ah!Syura Kinamoto I presume?" Death said

"Yes sir, at your service."I said bowing my head

"Dad, you mind telling me what this is about?" kid asked

"Well kiddo, As of now you will be under the protection of the Kinamoto family. Until you finish school and all threats to us are gone she will be protecting you." Death said

I smiled as I went up to Kid. "Its nice to meet you Death the kid. I will do all that I can to protect you, it is my duty to my clan and to your father to do so. I hope that one day you and I can become friends." I said bowing to him with my hand on my heart

"Well this is new, father did you have something like this when you were young too?" Kid asked

"Yes, her parents were my protecters, but since her clan was destoryed by witches she's the only one left in her clan." Death said

"Its true, But I'm here to happily serve like my parents did when they were my age." I said happily.

"Good to hear that you have the same spirit that you parents had Syu." Death said

I nodded my head, and that night Kid went on a misson with his weapons. Of course I went along with him, just to be sure he wouldn't die before his time. I saw that he had a thing about symmetry but that didn't stop me from stopping the guy he was going against. I placed Sebastain at the guys throat as I waited for Kid to get done with his moment.

"Uh...Kid. Do you think maybe that can wait." I said raising an eyebrow at him.

"Oh...Right. Sorry Syu." Kid said getting himself together.

I rolled my eyes and I cut right through the guy's neck. Killing him. Kid looked to me shocked.

"How did you do that?" He asked

"Its simple when you've been fighting all your life just to surivive." I said with a grin

"Can I eat now?" Sebastain asked

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah." I said letting go of Sebastain.

He then ate the keshin soul, before berping. I just glared at him.

"nice manners Sebastain." I said crossing my arms.

"Oh, sorry Syu." He said rubbing the back of his head.

Then Kid called his father which then he was given a mission in egypt. He accepted it and he then summoned his skateboard. He told me to hold on to him. I did as I was told. I held on to him as I placed Sebastain in his holder on my right side.

We got there within a day, once we got to the pyrimid he began to rant about symmetry which then made him think about something that had to do with his house. One of his guns told him that he was just imageing things and began to drag him into the pyrimd as he continued to worry about it. It wasn't until we ran into mummies that I freaked out. How I HATE the undead, I didn't realize that Kid had left and so had Sebastain. So I was stuck with the twin guns. Which oddly enough I could use. So I defeated all the mummies and the twins split up all of the souls.

Then we continued into the pyrimid and as soon as we got into the main chamber we were all tied up in some weird cloth. I tried my best to get it off of me but it didn't work out. I was completly stuck. It wasn't until Sebastain and Kid came back that I had some hope.

Sebastain had a nosebleed as Kid tried to leave. but the pharaoh that was in the coffin tried to attack Kid but he blocked it with his skateboard. Then he helped us out and the girls went to Kid as I snapped Sebastain out of his state. then we went to help Kid out since he blanked out. Before the pharoh got a chance to hit kid I pushed him out of the way and I took the blow myself. I continued to do so until I felt myself become seriously weak. It wasn't until the pharoh came out to finish me that Kid snapped out of it. He went right in front of me and he got trigger happy killing off the pharoh.

I was then helped up by sebastain before he went to take the keshin soul. Once we all were out of the pyrimid it collapsed. I honestly didn't care...I was in pain and I couldn't feel anything. But it seemed like Kid didn't care, he was too busy ranting about himself...again. Once he was done we went back to the death room where Death said that all souls were going to be comfiscated because of kids trigger happyness on the pryimid.

Then I was placed in the nurses office where only sebastain watched over me.

"You really shouldn't have done that Syu." He said shaking his head.

"I know but I'm sworn to protect kid."I said weakly

"And for that I thank you, what you did was very noble of you Syu." Kid said coming into the room

"But that wouldn't have happened if you didn't space out." I said looking to him.

"Give kid some slack here, he has a thing about symmetry." One of the girls said

"I don't care, one more hit from that damn thing and I would have died! I'm not like the reaper I can't live forever!" I said angered

kid looked down sadly. "Sorry, but I didn't ask you to save me now did I?"

"I told you I'm here to protect you! Even if you don't want me to! I'll die protecting you!" I said angered

"Like I need you too!" Kid said getting annoyed.

At that time I didn't know that Sebastain and the girls all left and kid was getting closer to me.

"Yes you do! because once your damn fetish ODC comes into play I'll have to come to save your damn butt!" I said angered

"Oh, so you really think it'll be the death of me?" He said annoyed

'Yes! Because it will be!"I said irate

At this time he was really close to me and he kissed me on the lips. I blinked my eyes a bit before I kissed him back. He got on top of me and kissed me even more forceablly. Once he parted from me He smirked.

"You say you protect me....But can you honestly protect me from yourself?" He asked

".....that's something....I don't know if I can do." I said softly

"Well, lets see what you can do." He said with a grin

I smiled back at him. "Alright, always remember this...I'm here to protect you...and only you Kid."


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