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the last wish | implied!reader x Light Yagami from Death Note | angst | part 4 of 4 for i-am-kokoro's contest | last one, enjoy all those that read this series!

Created by LaJeuneNuit on Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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The last…


[Name] was a detective on the Kira case. Actually, she kind of willingly volunteered, and it wasn’t official. But hey, it sounded like fun!

…Not that Kira was a very fun guy. Whoever he was.

She didn’t know that she was supposedly best friends with none other than Kira, the killer.

Light Yagami. Okay, so maybe some guys made fun of his last name, but they never actually confronted Light about it. Not that they would, Light was popular, intelligent, and handsome. He could make any girl at their school swoon just by talking to them and smiling.

And, okay, so [Name] had always had a little crush on Light. But she didn’t know the truth, the truth only few knew, that Light was a cruel, sly, and sneaky douchebag that had become mad with power, and he would kill anyone that got in his way.

Including precious little [Name]. She was a detective on the Kira case! She was anti – Kira! He couldn’t allow that. Just couldn’t, not if he was too be the God of his future world.

He slowly pulled out a black journal. If one looked at the cover, the words DEATH NOTE could be seen in creepy white script.

Pulling out a pen, he tapped it against his journal.

[Name] had been silly enough to tell him that she was anti – Kira, and he already knew her name, her full name.

He slowly wrote her name down on a paper, then glanced at the watch he always wore on his wrist.

In just a few minutes, silly little [Name] would be rid of from the world.

It was a shame, but he only dangled the girls in his life.

Misa Amane, he needed her eyes. Those eyes. She was a formidable ally.

Kiyomi Takada. No one knew he had also caused her demise – she had burned herself in a fire, because of what he had written in his ‘notebook’.

And now [Name].

He heard his phone ringing and glanced at the name of the person calling.

…[Name]? What the hell? He had to remind himself that the effects of the Death Note would take at least 2 minutes…calm…


“Hey…Light…” Her voice sounded … like she was gasping. So she was having a heart attack. Good. A smile crept onto his face. “I don’t know what’s going on here…but…”

“I want you to stay safe…okay? That’s my last wi…”

Silence, and Light hung up.



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