Do you trust me? (botdf love story ch2)

Created by fifivonmonroe on Tuesday, June 05, 2012

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I smiled as the last bell rang, it was music to my ears. No more school for three months, and touring with Gage for the whole time. This is going to be so fun! I ran to Gage's locker, hugging him. “You ready?!” I half screamed at him.

“owwww!” He said looking down at me, I was pretty short for my age. “Rayne, that was my ear.” He said smiling.

“Sorry!” I said and giggled. “Are you ready? Or do we have to stop at your house?” I asked bouncing up and down.

“We gotta go to my house, I have to grab my bags, they're already packed.” He grabbed my hand, slamming his locker shut. “Let's go!” He said, chuckling to himself as we ran out of the school, hand in hand to Dahvie's car.

“You guys ready?” He asked, looking at Gage. I smiled, nodding and getting into the car.

“Dahvie, we have to go to his house first.” I said, turning on the CD player. Unforgiven was playing. I smiled, singing Jayy's parts.


I smiled as we pulled into Gage's driveway. His house was bright, really bright. Yellow with flowers on the windows. Only part you could tell was different, was Gage's window. Black curtains hung out the window. “Come on!” I giggled and ran up the stairs to his front door. Gage opened it and ran inside with me. We ran upstairs to his room and started jumping up and down. Our normal routine was to scream and moan loud to get his moms attention. We laughed as we jumped and rocked his bed.

“you guys better not be serious!” His mom screamed up at us. We laughed, you would think she would know we weren't serious about it. I smiled and kissed Gage's cheek, he didn't trust me enough to actually kiss him. I sighed as he got his things together.

I sat on his bed thinking, if I would have never said those words, who knows where we would be. I just kept telling him. Just kept saying “Iloveyou” to him. I looked down at my feet and sighed.

“Rayne, you ok?” He asked smiling at me. I smiled back up at him and licked his cheek and got up running out of the room. “Well, there’s my yes.” He said laughing as he grabbed his bags. I heard the bags coming down the stairs, as I smiled at his mom.

“Thanks Mrs. Torrance, for letting Gage come with us.” I hugged her. I was close to his mom, she was like my own mom, she was there for me when my mom first started drinking.

“Of course hunny, as long as you make sure he doesn't get himself in trouble.” She kissed my cheek and I smiled at Gage as he set his bag down.

“I love ya mom,” he said hugging her. “I'll see you at the end of the summer.” He said kissing his cheek and grabbing his bags.

“Jeez Gage, you pack like a girl!” I yelled tugging on his bags. I opened the door, pulling two of them out. Dahvie got out and started up the stairs, grabbing the bags out of my hands. He took them off to the car, opening the trunk and setting them inside. I smiled and took another out of Gage's hand and raced him to the car.

“Lets go guys! The tour bus won't wait allllll damn day!” He said stretching the 'all' out. We giggled and put the stuff in the trunk, then got in the car.

I waved to Mrs. Torrance and she waved back, a smile on her face. “Dahvie, I have to get some of my stuff.” I said as we drove. He nodded and drove to our house.


After I had gotten my stuff in the car we were off to the bus. I thanked the lord that my mom wasn't home, meaning that she couldn't yell at me, beat me, or beg me to stay, because I didn't want to stay with her, I was happy I was going with Dahvie, plus I missed Jayy and I couldn't wait to see him.

I must have fallen asleep in the car, the next thing I knew was my door opening and Gage bent down, poking my shoulder telling me to wake up.

“Huh..” I said at first, barely opening my eyes. I slightly opened them to see Jayy at the front of the car. I opened them completely, giggling and unbuckling. I smiled at Gage and got out of the car “JAYY!” I screamed running and hugging him. I loved Jayy, and I always will. He smiled down at me and hugged me back.

“Oh hey, watch the wrist.” He said lightly, putting it over his head.

I looked up at him, and bit my lip, “What happened to your wrist?” I asked as Dahvie and Gage came over, bags in their hands.

“Fisting accident.” He said plainly.

“Fisting accident?” I asked looking at him weirdly.

“He was fisting ME!” Dahvie yelled laughing. He smirked and took the bags into the tour bus.

“You jerk Dahvie! Why’d ya gotta go and tell her! Shes gonna hate me now you motherfucker!” He yelled with a smile on his face. “Hey, whose this?” He asked letting go of me and pointing to Gage.

“Oh.. Jayy this is my best friend, Gage. Gage this is Jayy, but I'm positive that you know that.” I said with a smile as I grabbed Gage by the wrist. “common! I wanna show you the bus!” I giggled. I pulled him to the bus and waved to Jayy. As we stepped on we were greeted with 'hellos' and 'whose this' and 'its nice to meet you' I showed him around the bus and showed him where we would sleep, which was in the same bed, point being that there weren't many beds. I smiled at him and flopped onto the bed. “I dibs the inside, that way I'm next to the window!” I giggled and grabbed Gage, pulling him down on the bed.

“Hey!” I heard Dahvie's voice, “no sex!” He yelled. I laughed and so did Gage,

“dude, I don't play for that team.” He said smiling.

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