Winx Club: Rescue and Love Chapter 3

chapter 3 enjoy

Created by Beyblade250 on Friday, April 06, 2012


(as they enter Shawdowhart)

"look Shawdow monsters" Aisha pointed out "don't worry we got them" Riven said "there's to many we need to split up" Helia warned them "okay we're on it" Sky replied after blasting the monsters Timmy and Riven landed the ship "okay Winx you go we'll finish out here and catch up" Nabu said "you aren't coming snummiges" Stella asked "no" Brandon answered "go get that stone but be careful" Daniel told Jennifer as he hugged her goodbye "I will" she answered "let's go Winx" Bloom commanded the Winx ran inside "look who's here the pixies" Darcy sneered as the Trix laughed Jennifer noticed that Icy was wearing the stone around her neck "Flora look the stone" Jennifer whispered "let's go Winx Charmix" Bloom yelled they all transformed "Ice Coffin" Icy yelled as she tried to hit Bloom "sonic boom" Musa shouted and Darcy fell down "Cyclone Bubble" Jennifer casted and put Icy, Darcy and Stormy in a bubble "now Stella" Jennifer commanded "retrievus" and the stone went right to Jennifer "nice job Jen" Daniel told her as he and the other guys ran up to the Winx "thanks" she responded the Winx didn't notice that Darcy hypnotized Daniel to hurt Jennifer the Winx each put something into the bubble but Techa finished it "digital delete" the witches flew of to somewhere in Shawdowhart "let's get out of her" Musa said "hold on I feel really weak" Jennifer told them and fell to the floor her wings disappeared "Jennifer you okay you look really pale" Daniel asked "yeah I just need to get back home and to some wind" Jennifer answered as she tried to stand up Daniel helped her the Winx hurried out of Shawdowhart and to Tevata she got out of the ship her power boosted and she felt better "okay now I feel better now we have to go put the Wind Stone where it belongs" Jennifer said annd ran with the others to the wing where the stone belonged "nice job everyone" Queen Ariel thanked them "thanks mom" "tthanks you majesty" Bloom said "your welcome Princess Bloom" King James told her "we have to go now bye mom" told them goodbye and hugged them they all went back to the ship "you parents are so cool" Aisha said "I know" Jennifer responded while at Shawdowhart Darcy started to take control of Daniel telling him to hurt Jennifer a the ship Daniel pulled out his sword "dude what are you doing" Sky asked Jennifer didn't notice because she and the Winx were talking Brandon saw the colors of his eyes "oh no he's under Darcy's spell" Brandon told Helia Daniel walked over to Jennifer and slashed her across the back and she fell to the floor bleeding before the guys could stop him "ow Daniel what are you doing" Jessica yelled with tears in her eyes before she could move he cut her arm "that's it he's going down" Sky said but Daniel had a chance to cut her four more times she had passed out Sky knocked him out until Ms.Faragonda had a chance to remove the spell "Jennifer" Stella yelled the Winx ran over to her and picked her up as they landed at Alfea "Daniel didn't do it on purpose he was under Darcy's spell" Helia told them as he walked over to Flora when the door to the ship opened Ms.Faragonda was waiting for them when she seen the Winx carrying Jennifer she hurried over "what happened and why is Daniel unconcoius" she asked "well Darcy put a spell on Daniel making him injur Jennifer Sky knocked him out so he wouldn't hurt her anymore until you could remove the spel" Riven explained "bring Daniel here" Ms.F commanded when Daniel was near her she casted "spellus removus" Daniel than woke up "what happened the last thing I remember was being on the ship and the girls talking" "so you don't remember hurting Jennifer" Brandon asked "hurting Jennifer what are you talking abo..." before Daniel could finish what he was saying he looked down to see Jennifer covered in blood and cuts he bent down and touched her cheek "I did this to her but how I don't remember that" "Darcy put you under a spell" Nabu explained "we better bring her inside" Ms.Faragonda said Daniel picked her up looking down he was so confused and hurt that he did this to the only girl he ever loved she would never love him again "take her to the nurse's office" Ms.F commanded the Winx and Specialists followed Daniel he laid her on the bed "I'm going outside I'll be back" Daniel told them and hurried outside once he was outside he walked around thinking to himself how could I let the spell effect me I loved her so much "dude what's wrong" Daniel turned around to see Brandon "Its just she is the first girl I've ever loved and I nearly killed her" Daniel told him "she'll be fine we're going to tell her that you were under a spell she'll still love you don't worry now come inside Ms.F said we can stay here till she recovers" Brandon replied "alright" Daniel agreed they walked back and inside to find everyone talking

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