Akatsuki:You And Hidans Love Story ~Chapter 2~ |New Friends?|

ok so heres the second chapter.I no i make these quick its cuz i didn't have school today.aannywaays Hope you like it ^.^

Created by craazzyteddybear on Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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You ran into the mysterious people and found out that the guy who try to kill was a Jashin Worshipper
"Umm Hello?" I looked atthe silver hair man who was frozen in shock,I couldn't help but started to laugh my ass off.Niko jump off of my shoulder and onto the silver hair man shoulder and gave him a big slap in the face.The silver hair man suddenly realized what happen and began to rage again for Niko slapping him ,"You stupid rat,I'm gonna kill you!" He shouted,"AHHH! KIARA! SAVE MEE" Niko quickly jump back onto my shoulder and hid behind my hair,Meanwhile I was to busy laughing my ass off."What the hell is so funny?!?" The silver hair man asked.I try to catch my breathe but it was hard so I tried my best and replied while still laughing,"T-The Look on your F-f-face" I laughed again,"I-I-It was H-H-Hilarious",I kept laughing so hard my stomach started to hurt,The Both men gave me a 'what the hell' look.Finally about 5 minutes later I look up at them and gave them a smile,"So who are you guys anyways?" I asked them.The masked man finally got off the tree and walk towards me and stopped besides the silver hair man,"My name is Kakuzu" the masked man said,he had a scary deep voice,"And this is Hidan My annyoing partner" He said pointing to the silver hair man."And You?"Kakuzu said looking at me deep in my eyes,I felt a chill swept through my body,"Uhhhh,My name is Kiara and this is Niko" I replied back pointing to the little boy hiding behind my hair.
"I see.." Kakuzu said,"Where are you from?".I look at him curiously "The Hidden Village Of Rock" I responded.That got Hidans attention and Kakuzu looked at me as if he knew something I didn't "Kiara.." I heard Niko whisper my name "Somethings not right" He was worried as I was."Umm,well I'll see you guys later then.Bye" I began to walk off but suddenly a hand grabbed me and picked me and dangled me there like a little dog being punished and I turned and it was Hidan he had a evil look and Kakuzu looked at me deep in my eyes again,I began to panick."Sorry girly but you see we've been wondering around all day trying to find someone and well I guess Jashin gave us luck because the girl we are looking for is you." Hidan said evily."No! let me go!" I shouted and began to kick and scream at Hidan.He dropped me to the ground and grabbed both of my wrist and held them tightly.Tears spranged in my eyes 'this is it,this is the end for me'."KIARA!" I could hear Nikos voice,he crawled out of my shirt."Please don't hurt her! p-please don't,she doesnt deserve this,shes already been through hell,PLEAASE I'm begging you" Niko pleaded to Hidan."As much as I want to,I can't sacrifice her 'cause we have to bring her to him alive!" Hidan spat.Kakuzu look around the forest " We should started heading out,I don't want to waste anymore time." he began to walk off and Hidan grabbed something out of pocket,it was a small rope,and he then tied my to wrist together."There just so you won't run off" Hidan smirked,Niko hid behind my hair again.I didn't say anything just looking down at the ground with tears running down my face.
Few hours past,It was already dark out,and I was tired as hell and hungry to,"Kiara?" Niko looked at me,"You Ok?!".It took a few moments to regain my voice again,"yea I'm just tired,I guess".Niko look at me with sad eyes and wiped away my tears,"Don't cry,its going to be ok.If only we could run but we can't the meanies have us on lock down.".Kakuzu and Hidan stopped walking and I almost ran it Hidan again,To be honest Hidan was really Handsome."Is everything alright?" I asked Kakuzu.
"Yea,lets take a break and stay here for the night" Kakuzu said to Hidan,"About fucking time,damn I'm tired as hell" Hidan sat down on the ground.Kakuzu started a fire instantly,"I'm going to get some morewood for the fire",Hidan mumbled a whatever to him and Kakuzu left leaving me here with the pyschopath killer,I sat down on the ground about few inches away in front of Hidan,Niko crawled off of my shoulder and into my lap and curled into a ball and fell asleep instantly."Just want the hell is that thing anyways?" Hidan ask looking at Niko,"Hes a Neko-Boy,I Found himtrapped in a cage and rescued him.."I responded quietly.Hidan shrugged " Then ask " Why the hell havent you ran away from us?!,most people ended having a bitch fit and try to escape."
I sighed,"What for?,Theres no place and no one to return to..","I guess" Hidan said in a I-could-care-less tone.I look around the forest,it was dark and scary and the only light we had left was the fire burning quietly and peacefully,Then something caught my eye,Hidan and a necklace around hes neck it was a circle with a triangle in it and stared at it for a few moments.It look like the same thing that was tattoed on the back ofmy right shoulder.Hidan caught me staring and said "what?!",I pointed to hes necklace thingy and asked "Whats that." He look down at himself to see what it was and saw the necklace and explained,"Its a Jashin necklace,for worshipping him."
"Promise me one thing Miles" I said looking up at him,"Yea sure what is it?"."Promise me you won't turn into a Pyschopathic Killer"."Ok I promise" He laughed."I'M SERIOUS!". "Ok Kiara,I'm serious to!" Miles said quickly,"If you ever have a boyfriend,I'm goingfeel sorry for him"."and whys that?!" I spat back,"Haha,well because when your mad all hell breaks loose,Kiara your like a Lemon,you are sweet but when someone gets the bad taste of you,your sour" Miles explained."Whatever".Miles laughed "Ok,Are you ready for your birthday gift?!"."yea and it better not be something stupid." I said,It was my birthday and Miles was gonna give me a tattoo."Ok Here we go" He said as he put the needle in my back and started to draw with it.It kinda hurt but not as much,15 minutes later he stop."Ok we are done"He smiled,I smiled and run towards the mirrorand turned my back towards it and pulled my sleeve down showing my new tattoo.My eyes widen with terror,its was the Jashin symbol,"MILES I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!" I screamed and charged at my brother who laughed and ran for hes dear life.

~End Of Flashback~
"Hello",A hand waved in my face,I blinked a few times,Hidanlook at me curiously,"your a damn weirdo,you no that,everytime I talk about Jashin,You always fucking zone out.What the fuck is with you?!" Hidan said annyoed by it all.I looked down,"Sorry..Its just my older brother was a Jashin Worshipper and talking about the damn thing brings back memories" I said quietly."Oh well I least I'm not the only Jashin Worshipper,So where is this brother of yours I would like to me meet him." Hidan smiled at the thought."He's dead." I said looking at him.Hidan smile faded, "wonder fucking full" he sighed."Ok and your family?!".I shook my head. Hidan sighed heavily annyoed now.I gentley pushed Niko off my lap and I got up and walk towards him and kneeled infront of him with my back towards him."What the hell are you doing?!,look sorry but I don't do whores".I gave him a death glare and said,"Like I wanna do it with a asshole,Anyways..Pull down my sleeve on my right shoulder"."WAHH?!" Hidan shouted suprised,"I told I don't do it with--","Its not that you dumby,Just do it!",Hidan mummbled,"T'ch you are whore",I rolled my eyes annyoed,I felt his fingers on my shoulders as he dung hes fingertips into the sleeve on my right shoulder and pulled it down.I look back at him,he was shocked,"What?" I looked at him,"Holy shit! thats a Jashin symbol tattoo,How the hell did you get that" He looked at me,"My brother gave it to me for my birthday" I said.
"so your Jashin Worshipper?" Hidan asks letting go of my shoulders,"No but I do believe he exist",I looked at him and smiled.Hidan smirked "I guess you can say that counts but I don't fucking know,However your still a bitchy whore".Anger raged inside of me as I ripped the rope around my wrist and punch Hidan right in the face.Hidan became pissed,"Im fucking gonna kill you!" and growled and slammed me hard onto the ground and got ontop on me.Before I could punch him off he grabbed my hands and slammed them to the ground and--
"Woah,Hidan I didn't no you do girls when you first meet them" Kakuzu said coming back,he had lots of wood in hes hands."Waah-,wait no,its not, it isnt,STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT KAKUZU I TOLD YOU ITS NOT LIKE THAT!" Hidan said and got off of me quickly.Kakuzu chuckled and said,"next your gonna do it give a signal or something ok?".Hidan face turn red and tried to hide it.I sat up from the floor and rubbed my head and my wrists.Kakuzu reach out hes hand to me and I grabbed it he pick me off the ground and I stood up dusting the dirt off of me."Sorry about that Hidan is rough and I guess he likes it like that to" Kakuzu said,My eyes widen and I felt my cheeks to red and I quickly went back to my spot with Niko sitting besides me,laughing.I didn't no he was awake until now 'I wonder how long hes been there awake' I thought.Kakuzu sat down saying nothing more,and that awkward night it was very quiet.

End of Chapter 2 Hope you liked it ^.^

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