Behind Bars {Ronnie Radke} Ch. 7

Okay so I went through the chapter and realized there's alot of mispellling :P *you*(No shit Sherlock) ANYWHO im gonna try my best to relize where i messed up xD Message me and tell me if the story is good.

Created by XombiesRule on Saturday, December 03, 2011

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It was Tuesday and I was starring out the window looking at the rain falling on to the cement. First time its rained in Las Vegas for a long time. I sat there petting Mani and thinking about yesterday when Ronnie kissed me. I smiled when I thought that reality was much better than the dream I had. As I was thinking in detail about every moment of the kiss/makeout my phone started to ring. I got up and tried to listen to the ring where I last left it. I found it and looked who was

"Hello?" I said into the phone. "Why the hell did you get into a fight on the first day of school?!" My mom screamed into the phone making my ears ring.

"The girl called me a bitch mom you know how I get when a person does that." I said trying to defend myself. "Well you could've just hurt her verbally instead of physically! The school called me and told me she had to get 3 stiches on her lip and her nose was broken." My mom screamed at me as I cracked a laugh because I did so mch damage. "This isn't funny Delaney!" My mom said getting serious.

"Mom if I didn't hit her she wouldn't have learned im not a girl to mess with." I said back to my mom. "You couldv'e told her your not a person to be messed with." My mom said starting to raise her voice at me. "I didn't want to sound like the fuckin hulk, don't get me angry you won't like me angry."I said repeating the phrase the hulk says.

"Watch your language, maybe she would've gotten the point." my mom said getting frustrated. "Well now we know for sure she got the point, her nose will remind her along with her stiches." I said looking at my fist that had bruises on the knuckles and little cuts from hitting her to hard.

"Listen young lady your a irresponible girl your mom is dissapointed in you everone in your life is dissapointed in you. Your a lowlife your lower than the dirt on my shoes. You need to grow up your seventeen change your dam actions instead of living the rest of your life behind bars!" My step dad screamed at me. "Fuck you!" I screamed at my step dad hanging up the phone.

I threw my phone at the wall as the battery fell out the back. I wiped away the tears running down my cheeks. I walked outside in the backyard and sat on the stairs of my porch as rain fell onto my feet.

I sat there as hours went by as the rain continued to fall. My sight became blurry as I relised I was crying again. I felt a hand start to rub my back as I jumped up because it scared the shit out of me.

"Max?" I asked looking at him. "What time is it? What are you doing here?" I asked him standing out in the rain walking under the porch to stay as dry as I could. "Well it's our lunch period and I have off campus lunch so I came to check up on you. How long have you been out here?" He asked looking at me. "I don't know awhile." I said shrugging.

"Well it seems like a long time you were really cold when I rubbed your back." he said looking at me concerned. "I don't feel cold, I guess I lost track of time." I said loking at the ground. "You look like you've had a rough day it looks like you've been crying." He said rubbing my back again. "It's nothing." I said getting up, as he followed. "Do you want to talk about it?" He asked following me into the house. "No." I said walking to the couch and sitting down, as did he.

He starred at me for awhile intel I finally told him what happened. He decided to skip the rest of the day at school so the rest of the day he made me feel better and we talked and laughed. He put my phone back together and than he left at about five.

I was getting out of the shower when I heard someone ring my doorbell. Shit. I went to my door and looked out the window and it was Ronnie. I smiled and opened the door and let Ronnie in.

"I just got out of the shower, ill go get dressed." I said turning around. "But I like you in just a towl." He said as he put his hands on my hips turning me around to look at him. "Oh my." I said smiling. He leaned in and kissed me I put my arms around him completely forgetting I had a towel on. My towel started to slip off as I grabbed it.

Ronnie pulled away and looked at me and smiled. "You can go get dressed, ill wait out here." He said smiling at me.

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