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After I got checked out of the hospital we went to meet with the hokage. Our new hokage was a female and went by the name Tsunada. Kakashi sensi wasn't coming and it was a B rank. We were going to help someone beat a race.

Tsunada put Sasuke and I in charge, also she told us that Sakura was going with us. She is offically one of our team mates now, yay.

Soon we took off, though we need stop along the way due to Naruto's stomach. When we walking in I noticed a dude sharpening a piece of wood in the corner, his teeth grinding in annoyance. Looks like we got ourselves a friend.

After we ordered he got up and walked over to us, "Just sitting around in the shade, sucking down sweet bean soup, a ninja's life is pretty easy." He said glaring at us.

Naruto shoved up from his seat, "What the hell did you just say?" Naruto yelled. The guy looked to me and smirked, leaning his elbows on the table infront of me.

I could feel Sasuke tense next to me, "Hey whered you come from sweety? I didn't mean you ofcourse. I Idanta Moreno, what do they call you?" He said getting way to close for my liking.

I felt Sasuke's hand wrap around my waste as he pulled me closer to him and away from Idanta, "None of your business, now why don't you leave my girlfriend alone?" He spat while glaring at the guy.

Idanta frowned before he started yelling at Naruto again before running off. I put my hands over Sasuke's whos were still around my waste, he was still tense. Sakura was glaring at me and if looks could kill I would be six feet under.

Then the old woman serving us told us Idanta told her we were paying for him. We all payed and ran off after him. He ran pretty fast for a commoner. Most ninja's can't even run that fast. Sasuke and I managed to catch up pretty quick when he tripped over a root in his path.

Naruto and Sakura soon caught up and we surounded him. He gave us a sob story before taking off his leg weights and running off again. Okay now he is as fast as Lee, we soon gave up. I had a feeling we would be meeting again.

After a hour we came to the village and went to meet the dealer we were suposed to work for, Sasuke stayed near me clearly still annoyed from earlier. I grabbed his hand and laced it with my own, I caught him smiling lightly at that.

When we met him Naruto gave a introduction which Sasuke made Naruto mess up. He laughed and explained that we needed to protect someone from his clan during the race, he also told us their would be other ninja for the other team.

I didn't listen much on the back story, all I caught was that which ever clan won they would run the village for four years until the next race.

We odviously accepted, the man smiled and clapped. The person opened the door and bowed, I felt the atmosphere tense. Sasuke and Naruto were glaring daggers at Idanta who was sending them back.

We all took off to the shops to 'get to know eachother', Naruto and Idanta were heard aways away arguing. While Sakura was looking at things to buy. Sasuke and I were standing outside the shop when our attenction got caught by a fight.

A group of men stole from a shop owner, when the thug went to push the owner Sasuke caught the punch and I move the guy away from the fight. The thugs acted tuff but after a few punches from us they left running.

"Sasuke?" Sakura asked and went to cling to his arm, I glared and she backed off. Sasuke smirked and kissed my head.

----Couple days later----

It was the day of the race, soon it started and we took off after Idanta who looked to be trying to take a short cut, though the others didn't catch on.

We followed behind him in the trees, "He seems to know where he is going." I told them, Sasuke agreed.

Naruto ran with Idanta down the cliff but we stayed above, I quickly noticed the genjutsu, "Release!" Us three shouted getting rid of it. Though the two were still in it.

When they finally realized and found the exit it led them right to a clift. Idanta ran off of it but Naruto caught him luckily. Though the two started fighting as we pulled them up causing Naruto to lose all of his shuriken and kunai.

"Look I didn't need your help." Idanta said scoffing. I growled and felt my tail and ears come out. I stomped right up in Idanta's face and punched him knocking him to the ground. He gave me a shocked look along with everyone else.

I crossed my arms, "Stop acting like a fucking brat. If we werent here the three ninja following us would have killed you by now so stop acting like your hot shit. Like it or not you need us, just because you can run fast does not mean you can handle three ninja, let alone rain ninja." I huffed, during the middle everyones eyes widdened at the information I knew.

I let out a sigh of fustration trying to calm my shaking body, "How did you know what type of ninja and how many?" Sasuke asked, I turned to him.

"I can smell them, also sound specialize in these type of jutsu. I also know one of the people after us. It's the rain guy from the chunin exams. Now less talking more running." I said and we all took off towards the boat.

Along the way Idanta explained why we went this way and I have to admit, if he had more chakra he would be a pretty good ninja.

Eventually we got to the boat and set off. We also learned that Ibiki Moreno was his brother. I felt my tail brissile and ears errect. "A ambush, Kiko and I will handle them, Naruto try to cut the ropes and Sakura protect Idanta." He yelled to us.

I jumped over to the other boat leaving the others. I jumped on the middle one knocking him to the ground and punched the other one. The third one was on our boat. Soon it started raining oil over their. Luckily Sakura stopped Sasuke from doing a fire jutsu.

Once I saw a dude get ready to shoot a flaming arrow I jumped to my boat, "Jump into the wa---" I got cut off by the boat bursting into flames. Idanta seemed to be having flash backs and woundn't go into the water.

Personally fire didn't harm me at the moment so I had no problem walking threw the flames. I blocked Idanta from the kunai, it whent right into my shoulder where Itachi had pinned me to the wall. I left out a shreak, "Kiko!" Sasuke yelled, he couldn't get over to me though, the fire was separating us.

Growling I shoved Idanta into the water as everyone else jumped in. I did after pulling out the kunai.

Once we all surfaced we noticed Idanta was already on the shore, Naruto started to say something but got pulled under water. "Naruto quit playing around." Sakura said swimming closer to us.

I growled and went under, I could faintly hear Sasuke saw something before following us. Good thing I remembered to get rid of my ears before jumping off the boat or I would be so sick later. Naruto was being pulled down by the ninja.

Imidiantly the ninja made water clone and grabbed all of us. The ninja notice my hand signs and punched me in the stomach so I lost all my air. I gasped feeling water fill my mouth. I struggled once Naruto made a wirllpool but I couldn't brake free.

My body yearned for air and soon I pasted out, the last thing I saw was Sasuke swimming down towards me with a worried look.


I awoke to feel someones lips on mine, after a few seconds I realized they were Sasuke's and he was pushing air into my lungs. I leaned up quickly away from him and coughed up water, he patted my back before pulled me up into his arms. "You okay?" He asked in my ear, I nodded.

Next to us I caught Naruto leaning down to give Sakura CPR but her eyes opened and she screamed punching Naruto in the face. I let out a chuckle, Naruto I hope you realize Sakura in a fan girl soon and get with Hinata.

After that we took off again to find Idanta.

We found him almost passed out with a rain ninja next to him. So this is the fourth one. We ran at the ninja after he was done with his shit talking, he dodged by jumping into the air and sending water on us.

I felt my tail come out but caught myself when my ears tried, maybe my tail will help. The water sent us smashing to the ground and due to the presure we could push ourselves up.

He then threw posionous needles at us. Sakura protected Idanta. I hissed at the pain. Soon the rain ninja left. Sakura got out a bottle of pills and asked us to take one, posion medicine. I didn't take one though, it would just make me sleepy.

"Sasuke and I will go on ahead and take care of the ninja, when Idanta wakes help him get to the temple." I said and we both took off. I stopped once we were aways away making Sasuke walk over to me, "Whats the mat--" I cut Sasuke off my turning his head to the side and sinking my demon fangs into him.

He let out a moan and he pinned me against a tree, soon I pulled away and licked his neck to close the wound. "That should help, I got rid of the posion since those pills work slow. I also gave some of my demon chakra. Just don't use it for jutsus." I said and pecked his lips before running off ahead.

He caught up but his face was tinted red, probably due to the bulge in his pants. This is why I only bit him, because it would be weird to turn on Sakura, and also because I don't think Sasuke wants me to give another guy a boner. My demon would probably be pissed if she had to turn on her own twin as well.

When we caught up with him I smirked and stopped infront of him, "The 2nd hokage's lightning sword. I was wondering who stole that." I said shaking my head.

The guys face hardened, "Akiko Uchiha, I thought I was wrong but now I am positive who you are. You're Ren's little sister. I am going to enjoy killing you." My knuckles turned white at the sound of my dead brothers name.

Since it was no longer raining I let my ears come out, I could hear the hissing of the sword. I pulled out a hilt of a sword, his eyes widdened at this, I poured in my demon chakra so the sword lit up black lightning.

"Did you honestly think it would be that easy to kill a Uchiha?" I said taunting him, before he could reply Sasuke came up from behind him and shoved chidori threw the ninja's stomach. The guy let out a hiss before he turned and stabbed Sasuke with the sword.

I then heard Sakura and the gang run up. The ninja smiled before cutting the bridge Sasuke was laying on. Imidiantly I jumped off the cliff and grabbed him in mid air.

He was passed out, I landed on a ledge. Looking up I saw the sky light up with lighting and thunder. I set Sasuke's body next to mine against the wall. I sniffed and curled up in a ball while trying to drown out the clashing of the thunder.

A few tears ran down my face as I thought about Ren and my parents, soon I will be adding some of the Akatsuki to that list. After about twenty minutes I saw Naruto,Sakura,and Idanta swing to the other side.

Hopefully they will win. Moments later Sasuke stired from beside me. I had already healed him so he wasnt in pain. Once he saw my tear stained face he pulled me onto his lap and wrapped his arms securly around me like a sheild.

Sasuke used his chakra to bring his body heat up and warm our shaking forms. How he knew how to heat himself using chakra I will never know. Once I stopped shaking due to the cold we picked me up in his arms and used his chakra to walk across the water and up the other side of the cliff.

All the ninja's were gone now so we no longer needed to protect him. Most of the time we walked in silence unless one of us thought of a topic. I had my head rested between his neck and shoulder listening to his heart beat.

He was humming a song Itachi used to sing to us. Now, thinking about the lyrics, it is going to fit him and her brother perfectly in a couple years.

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