Blood Singer....~An Alec Volturi Love Story~ chapter 2

Created by prettywitch16 on Saturday, September 24, 2011

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"Master, I think we might have missed one, but their scent isn't like the others..." the angel girl said to the one of the men. "Yes, we did." he said, walking towards me!!!!!


"Come out dear, we mean you no harm." he said, kneeling next to the bench and holding out his pale hand to me. I took it and slid out from my hiding place. I felt the eyes of all the people in the room on me. I observed my surroundings and felt oddly at home. "My dear, I am curious, what is your name?" the one that had helped me out asked. "My name is Elizabeth Gates." I replied, not showing that I was a little afraid. "May I?" he asked, motioning to my hand. I nodded and held it out to him. His skin was freezing, but it was oddly comforting. "Interesting." he said chuckling and letting my hand go. "What's so amusing Aro?" the third man with blonde hair asked. "How were we unable to find you in the darkness Elizabeth?" the man I assumed was Aro asked me. "I blocked you all out." I replied. I looked around and they all seemed intrigued by me. "How..." the blonde man began. "It's possible because I've been able to cut myself off from everyone since I was three." I cut in. "How did you know what I was going to say?" he asked. "She read your mind Caius. It is another one of her abilities." Aro informed him. They all seemed a little in shock at the time. "Is there anything else, power wise we should know about you?" Caius asked me softly. "Well, I can sense and reflect other peoples powers, I can controll feelings and senses and I can also reflect pain. Is that good enough for you?" I asked cockily, raising my eyebrows. "Looks like we have a feisty one here. Let's see if your telling the truth my dear. Jane." Aro said, calling over the angel girl. I sensed she had some power, but couldn't fathom what it was. She smiled at me and I smiled back. "This may hurt just a little." she said, smiling evily. "Oh, I very much doubt that Jane." I said, smirking. "Pain." she said clearly. I felt a burning pain in my head but reflected it within about two seconds. Soon, Jane was screaming in pain on the floor, writhing in agony. "Make it stop!" she screamed at me. I walked over to her and said: "It will stop as soon as you tell it to Jane." She froze for a minute, but then she stopped screaming and got up. "It looks like we have found ourselves a rare gem here. She truly is unlike any mortal I hve ever seen!" Caius exclaimed. Aro chuckled and was a bout to ask me something when I said : "Yes Aro, I would love to stay here with you in Volterra.". Caius smiled at me, as did Aro. "If you keep doing that my dear, I don't think I will need to speak anymore" Aro said and most of the people began laughing. Then, when all was silent, the third man with wavy black hair began to laugh to himself. "What here are you finding funny Marcus?" Heidi asked him. He shook his head and then told us all: "Jane, bring Alec down here, he will want to meet this lovely young lady". And with that, Jane was gone.

Jane returned momments later with a boy that looked my age as well. Damn, he was freakin' HOT. "Alec, this is Elizabeth. She will be staying with us from now on." Aro said. Alec looked at me, he looked at me as if I was some king of rare, beautiful creature. "It is a pleasure to meet you." he said, taking my hand and kissing it. I curtsied and said: "The pleasure is all mine.". I heard Aro chuckling (I think he does that a lot.) and then he said: "Why in the world did you curtsey my dear?". I just smiled. "I t felt appropriate. And you all seem to be some kind of vampire royalty." I told him, as if it was the mostobvious thing in the world. "Oh, so you we are vampires and you are not afraid?" Caius asked me gentlly. "No, you mean me no harm, you already told me." I answered him. Aro shook his head in amusement and then said: "Heidi, fetch Sulpicia and Atenodora. I'm sure they will want to meet this lovely young lady." Aro commanded her. She left and I asked:"Who are Sulpicia and Atenodora?". Caius was the one who answered me. "They are mine and Aro's wives." he told me. Heidi reappeared later with two extremely beautiful women. The dark haired one walked to Aro and stood beside him, while the blonde one went to Caius. "Aro, who is this beautiful girl?" Sulpicia asked. "This is Elizabeth, she will be living with us from now on." he told her. i noticed Alec was staring at me, but I ignored it. "Now, Elizabeth is living her now, but we need to have a discussion concerning who will parent her." Aro said. Caius piped up:" Athenodora and I always wanted a daughter Aro, and I believe that Elizabeth is everything we ever wanted." Caius told Aro. Aro smiled and then turned to me. "My dear, I know you lived so long without a family, but now you have us and you finnaly have parents that will love you forever." he told me. I smiled as my mother ran and hugged me. My father followed suit. "Welcome to the Volturi, my darling neice. Now Jane, give Elizabeth the room next to yours, I am sure you will both be the best of friends." he commanded. Jane smiled at me and took my arm. We walked and talked untill I reached my new room. It was late so I went to sleep, ready to start my new life the next day.





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