The iNSULT-Off {4}:: Sasuke VS. Erza Scarlet

By Kurie~ ♥ Feedback is seriously and gladly appreciated ;)

Created by SugarxxIcecubes on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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ii-chan: Okay, I've tried to control my anger. Happy?

Clumsy Assistant: *muffled screams from janiter's closet*

ii-chan: Not my fault she messed up my order. Now...Let's begin!! This week....Sasuke Uchiha--

Fangirls: OMG!! SASUKE!! WE LOVE YUUUH!!!!!!

Sasuke: ...

ii-chan: AS I WAS SAYING *flashes evil look to fangirls*

Fangirls: *doesn't notice* Sasuke-kun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sasuke: O_O

ii-chan: *takes out bazooka*

Fangirls: *gets blasted out of stadium*

ii-chan: ...Uchiha from the anime; Naruto!!

Audience: *whistles*

ii-chan: And Erza Scarlet from the anime; Fairy Tail!!!

Erza: ...

ii-chan: You know the rules. BEGIN!!

Erza: ...

Sasuke: ...

Erza: *stares*

Sasuke: *stares*

Erza: *stares hard*

Sasuke: *stares harder*

Erza: *stomach grumbles*

Sasuke: *stomach grumbles*

Audience: *bored*


Audience: *throws tomatoes*

Sasuke: *.*

Audience: *throws cheesecake*

Erza: *.*

And so, our insult-off takes the time for a VERY long lunchbreak

Erza: Now let's get down to business

Sasuke: Agreed

Audience: *throws strawberry cake*

Sasuke: *steps on cake*

All: *gasp*

Erza: O__O *nerves crack*


Sasuke: *realizes the big mistake he just made* Uh-oh

Erza: *turns the insult-off into a very violent boxing show*

Sasuke: Oomph


Erza: *flashes look at ii*

ii-chan *first time*: *whimpers*

All: *gasp*

ii-chan: more!!! Erza S-s-scarlet...w-w-w-w-winner....of this week's i-insult-off...

All: *makes a run for it*

Erza: Oh well. At least I won -_-

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