Love hurts...(emo love story) *2*

recap:liz started screaming poptarts which made kat fall on the ground laughing with jay which made kat laugh harder then liz started yelling poptarts while running around the table which made u guys laugh harder. *end of dannys POV*

Created by RaNdOmPeRsOnAlErT on Saturday, June 18, 2011

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Lizzys POV:

As kitten started getting up i screamed butterlies really loud then kitten was laughing again she was crying cuz she was laughing so hard so was jay bird. finally we all were sitting down again me doing kittens make up becuz she had washed it off from laughing so hard. i did her make up like she always does and then she did mine like i do mine."kitten jocks r staring at u,"i said. "ya i know," she said still giggling. then she got up. "OK IT WOULD BE NICE IF U DIDNT STARE AT US LIKE WE R ALIENS AND AT ME LIKE IM A FREE BOOB MACHINE!" kitten yelled really loudly. which made me and jay bird laugh at everyones faces.i mean the ones tht had been staring at her were blushing like crazy. all the emo\goth ppl were laughing too. it was funny.

ok i gtg

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