{Kuroshitsuji} ?The Tasting Game? [Ciel Phantomhive]

Ah, the tasting game something that I never played, but hey Ciel hasn't either~

Created by tentailedfox on Wednesday, January 05, 2011

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The Tasting Game [Ciel Phantomhive]


Being a maid in the Phantomhive Household, you were quite worked to bone from the Young Master’s demands. You were quite tired as it is, but you had decided that you and the other servants were going to play a game.

“[Name]~!” Finnian called out to you happily, wondering why you had gathered him, Baldroy, Mey-Rin, Takana, and Sebastian together.

“Yes, Finny, what is it?”

From your innocent question Finnian blushed and stammered not knowing what to say.

“What Finny is trying to say, [Ms. Name] is that why you gathered us together like this?” Sebastian asked smoothly covering up for the flustered blond.

“Ah, yeah that… Well, the Young Master has been working us all hard lately, so, I thought we deserved a little break!”

“I think [Name] has the right idea, let’s do it!” Baldroy cheered happily clasping his arm around your neck in a dearing manner.

“Agreed?” the smoking blond prompted.


“Hon hon hon”

“I do not approve of this.”

“Aw~ Sebastian your no fun!” you whined out to him.

“Please join us?”

For some reason the crimson eyed butler could never say no to you, especially when you had your pout face on.




So here you all were in a circle with a chair in the middle.

“Okay. Who’s goes first?”

“I vote [Name].”

“Me too~!”

You laughed it looked like you would be first to play this game.

What game you ask?

The tasting game: featuring Sebastian~

You moved over to the chair and sat down, closing your eyes, waiting for the soft material of the blindfold on your skin.

“Ready? [Ms. Name]?”

You nodded feeling your lips curling into a smile as you feel the cloth overlap your eyes.

The game had begun.

You felt the metallic taste of the spoon hit your mouth and you opened it letting whatever substance it was engulf you taste buds.

“Hm… Parfait?”

The trio of servants gasped in amazement, while Sebastian smirked, getting ready for the next food item.

“I wonder if she’ll get the next one right.”

Here it came again the familiar spoon.

“Chocolate from Germany.”

“Wow! She got it right again!”

Unfortunately for them, however, Ciel heard to commotion and wondered why it was so loud and came outside to investigate.

His blue eye widened in surprise all of his servants were not doing their job, even Sebastian!

Said black clad butler sensed his master looking over head and smiled devilishly; he knew what he could win with.

“Mister Sebastian? Where are you going?”

“I’ll be back soon.”

The butler climbed the stairs and lifted Ciel over his shoulder despite his protests and descended again back down to the group waiting for him.

“Let’s see if you can guess this, [Ms. Name]~”

And Sebastian pushed Ciel’s lips onto yours, causing everyone to gasp.

The earl quickly broke the kiss flustered beyond and recognition and stormed back to his study.

You lips turned upward in a devilish smile of your own and uttered:

“The Young Master’s lips ♥~”

Sebastian could only look amazed as you took off the blindfold and began heading to your bedchamber with Finny, Mey-Rin, and Bard following in hot pursuit.

“Hey [Name –sama]!” Mey-Rin called out to you.

You turned to the trio outside your door.


“H-how did you know that it was the Young Master’s lips?” the dark-pink haired maid questioned causing the three to lean in anticpaton.

You grinned.

I’ll never tell ♥

And with that you left the three to ponder:

How did you know what Ciel’s lips tasted like?

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