Naruto and Hinata True Love **Part 2

Created by katielady321 on Tuesday, December 28, 2010


You are all better.You know you are Naruto are destined for eachother.You walk home and you stop by Naruto's on your way there.Wait you run to Ino's flower shop and grab some Roses for Naruto.
You pass him by and you say Naruto-Kun will you be my boy friend.You give him the roses.He says Hinata.Let me answer that.He picks you up and kisses you and then it turns intoa toatal make out session.You pull away and say Naruto-Kun I love you.
Youare walkinghome and Naruto says let me walk you home.You both gran each others hands.You tell you dad you have a boy friend.He drops his tea and says with this demon??
You punch your father as hard as you can and say DONT TALK TO HIM LIKE THAT!!He looks at you terrorfiyed.Yeah I've come out of my shell.And if you talk to him or about him like that I will KILL you.
You kiss Naruto Goodbye and you guys hug.You are 18 tommorow.You go to bed and you wake up with Naruto infront of you with a small gift and a cake.He says happy birthday Hinata-Chan he kisses you and you are about to turn red when he shoves a peice of cake in your face.Icing everywhere.You laugh and grab his hair and push him into the cake.
You guys go and take a shower together.When your done you both get dressed.Youare brushing your hair when Naruto walks in with your gift.You go to open it Naruto refuses.He gets on his knee and says Hinata Hyuga Will you Marry me??
You burst with tear of joy.You hug Naruto and he says so thats a yes.You start laughing and say of cvourse it is idot.Hahahaha Yo start laughing again!!
For Naruto's People to stand next to him in the Wedding he picks carefully Kiba,Shino,Iruka Sensi,Kakshi Sensi,Shikamaru,Gaara,and Neji.Hinata choses also she picks Ino,Sakure,Kurani Sensi,Her sister Hanibi ( I think thats her name comment if you know her name I will change it),Ten Ten,and Temari.
You guys have a beautfiul wedding to remember and You look georgus is your purple Konichi.Naruto looks stunning in his tux.You guys go on your honeymoon in the Land of Waterfalls.You have 2 kids a boy named ______ and a girl named ________.You live happipy ever after. :)

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