Sex on the mind.

This is the first chapter to our new story (: Inspired by the beautiful Oliver Sykes && Christopher Drew We don't own them; only their characters ^_^

Created by BeomRyu on Sunday, November 07, 2010

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Chapter 1
He looked good. His hair; so dark brown it looked black. Tall. An ocean of tattoos covered his entire body. Skin; a creamy white. He was perfect in almost everyway. He went by Oli, his real name Oliver.
He tugged at his jeans, and buttoned them, slipping his yellow studded belt through its loops and complimented it with a yellow shirt . It read ‘Mo money Mo Bitches’. He grinned at his reflection and flicked his cigarette ashes in his tray. Tonight he was going to party like no other. Maybe find a couple tag alongs on the way. His ultimate goals: get fucked up, get laid.

The party jumped, literally. The entire room shook with the bass of the music make the entire room rattle. The scent of liquor nearly consumed Oli as he stepped in, a wave of drunken people moshed in the center of the room. On the outside was a few shy people and a few knocked out people. He noticed a few people dry fucking. He wanted in on all the fun.
Oli had already drunk some but, not enough to seriously mess him up. Just enough, to be lit.. Not enough to do sometime stupid or forget his mission of getting laid. He wasn’t a whore or player-- in the exact words. He fucked a lot of times, didn’t really get attached. It was one of those hop on it, hop off it type of things. Sex was a sport. And tonight was game for sure.
He felt a hand, slither like a snake around his torso along with its other. He smelled perfume. An essence of flowers and lust. He turned, and gave his best smile.
“Found you, Oli” Her smiled big, her smile so fake.
He grinned and looked her over. She had curves to kill. Her hair a soft strawberry blonde with streaks of black. He knew her. She went by Lilly. Her real name Lindsay. Which, made no sense. Like he cared. She was gorgeous and pretty easy from the rumors he had heard. A few of his friends had screwed around and said she was a kinky little thing.
“My favorite little flower, Lilly.” He said pulling her by the waist closer, “Just the person I wanted to see.”
“Do you say that to every girl?” She smiled.
Yes I do. “Actually only to the special ones in my life.” He lied, “You look good.”
She leaned in closer to him, “You look mighty fine yourself Oli.”
I know. Instead he rewarded her with a smile sure to make her horny. It did its magic.
“Maybe we should go somewhere where it’s more…secluded.” she winked tugging him in a direction. Oliver smirked, surely obliging.
Then, the entire room went dark, and clapping started. Oliver directed his attention to the spotlight to the middle of the room, not far from him. A boy, sitting on a stool had guitar in hand against his knee. His hair a brownish red, shaggy and long. He had a tattoo across his chest/collar bone and some down his arms. He was a cute boyish figure. He smiled his pearly whites.
“I’m Christopher.”
And with that, he began to strum away. He seemed to zone out the crowd and engulf himself into his own music. Lilly pulled on his arm with a bit of frustration;
“Let’s go.” She whined.
Oliver shook her off, “Wait.” more like stfu bitch.
She kept tugging and annoying him.
“come on Oli bear, don’t you want to spend time with me?”
Oliver sneered and laughed, then looked at her.
“look, bitch, I said to wait.” Oliver glared her down, but she backed off and let go. Without saying a word she headed off on her way. He turned back to this mysterious boy. All he knew was his name, and that he was good with his hands. He found the crowd around him applauding wildly as Christopher got up and waved, once again smiling his pearly whites.
“remarkable” Oliver laughed, lighting a cigarette and headed out the back door. When he got outside he shivered as he felt the cold seep through his clothes.
“Fucking cold.” he mumbled.
“Smoking doesn’t exactly make you warmer.” said a voice, causing him to look up.
“Hey, you’re that kid. Your pretty good.” Oli said blowing out smoke, snickering through his teeth. Christopher only nodded and leaned against the stone wall of the building. He sighed happily.
“Can I get a hit?” Christopher asked with a lopsided smile.
Oli doubted he was eighteen but he handed him his cigarette anyway. Chris took a few quick puffs and handed it back to Oliver. Oli could basically smell Chris’s sweet breath on the tip.
“My name is Oli.” Oliver said wondering why Chris didn’t ask him.
Christopher smiled some, “OK.”
What nerve this kid’s got. Thinkin he’s tough shit. Oliver shook it off, and put his cigarette out. He opened the door to go back in and turned back to Chris,
“You coming??”
Christopher’s eyes lit up happily, like he wanted him to ask him.
End of Chapter One

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