Spin the Keyblade//An Organization XIII Love story (??)//::6::

I lied. i didn't publish this the next day. I'm sooo super sorry! Maxri: you sound like Ritsu from Fruits basket. Me: Don't care! Anyway, since Max has been a good little Nobody today, she'll narrate this chapter. Maxri: Yay!! ;3 Oh, guess what? Me: yeah, so this is where all the fun stuff starts to happen. Maxri: Nobody's got a see~creeet! Me: so please enjoy- Maxri: THIS STORY HAS NO PLOT! Me: silence~ Maxri: On with the show!

Created by ImNobodyX3 on Sunday, October 10, 2010

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"A karaoke bar?!"
My jaw, like, hit the floor. "How come you never tell us of this necessary information, Xigbar?!"
"Well, I didn't know you didn't know."
I threw my hads up in he air, saying aaay-oh. Gotta leeeet go. (LoL, seriously, thugh, I was frustrated... kinda...)
Ever gasped. Marluxia, as in the pink-headded freak-was on stage with a microphone in his hand. Oh, dear Jolly rancher...
"I got my sights set on you, and I'm ready to aim. I got a heart that will... never be ta~amed. I knew you were somethin' special, when you spoke my name... Now I can't wait to see you again!"
Xigbar blushed as Marly pointed at him and winked. Woooow.
"The last time I freaked out, I mjust kept lookin' doo~oown! I st-st-stuttered when you asked m ewhat I'm thinkin' 'bout. Felt like I couldn't breathe- you asked what's wrong with mee~e! My best friend Zexy said 'Oh, he's just bein' Marly.' Hte next time we hang out, I will redeem myself! My heart- Can rest- Till then. Owowowah, I, I can't wait, to see you again!"
Xeva laughed. "That was cool; how that was like a real song! haha."
I nodded in agreement. "That sure was interesting... I'm gonna draw that when I get back to my room. >:3"
"Wo~ow, Maxri. Tht is amazing. Only you would see that as inspiratation for a drawing."
"Tell that to all the other yaoi fans out there, Ever!"
The three of us laughed and Xigbar slipped between us and into he crowd to find Marluxia.
The next song I hear start isbegsung by Larxene.
"Holy cow! I didn't know Larxene could sing!?" Xeva said.
"Betcha didn't know onee-chan likes yaoi either, huh?" I laughed. I call her onee-chan because I look up to Larxene. She's like my role model in the Org. But I'm nicer to people.
I began to recognize the tune and my eyes widened in excitement as I jumped on stage. "It's raining men- Hallelujah! It's raining men- A-MEN! ..."
whenthe song was over I sighed "That was fun" to my comrades. "Where's Demmy-kun?"
Ever shrugged. "He saw Axel. Need I say more? The poor boy is lovestruck."
All three of us sighed.
"How's Roxy taling it?" I asked.
Ever smiled sadly. "He's doing better. I think he just needs a hug."
"But wasn't Aa-kun with Marlu-kun the other day?"
Xeva looked surprised.
"I call that FireLily; Axel supplying the fire and Marly being the lily," I explained.
Xeva shook her head. Bad image for her, I guess.
A moment later, we hear a shriek coming from the "Restricted" section of the Karaoke bar.
"THat sounds like FlowerFace now!
Hm. That seems to be a fine stopping piont for now. But I'm at my friend's house and hatirveen any sleepo yetn't gott, so I'm gonna leave now. Oh, and happy Luxord Day, now that it's five thirty AM. Of course Marlu-kun takes a dramatic chapter closing! Why did he screech this time? Come back soon to find out! *Sorry in advance if the next part doesn't come out soon.*

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