Marilyn Manson Love story: wtf?!

Created by bibi28 on Thursday, May 06, 2010

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The next day i woke up laying on my belly with my arms supporting my forehead.
i didnt see marilyn so i got up and checked the bathroom.
he wasnt there either but i did knowtice that it was really hot and steamy in there. must've taken a shower.
i put all my clothes back up and went to check downstairs. he was sitting on the couch wearing a towel on his waist that reached down to his knees and was watching the tv"hi" i said as i walked over to him
"hey beautiful" he said as he smiled
i blushed a littile bit and smiled too.
i sat down next to him rite when i realized i forgot my phone upstairs
"i sh*t i forgot my phone upstairs" i said
"itz ok you want me to get it?"
"no itz ok i'll go"
"i'll go with you" he said.he held my hand as we walked upstairs. he helped me look for it under the covers for a while then he found it. i pushed him on the bed playfully
"haha" i giggled
"hey that's not funny!" he said laughing
i jumped on the bed with him and we both layed down.
he turned to his side and said
" do you really like me, like for who i am?"
"of course! do you know how long i've been waiting for this to happen!?" i said as i runned my finger's through his black hair
"oh wait is my makeup screwed up?" i asked him as i barely remembered i fell asleep with my makeup.
" a little bit... but you look pretty either way"
i blushed and i got closer to him
he smiled and was looking up and down at me
"you do realize that the only thingi'mwearing is a towelright" he said
"yeah but i dont mind"
"ah oh well who cares right" he said as he rubbed my side
we got closer to eachother and soon i realized we were making out like crazy. he tried to take my top off but i kept teasing him and not letting him do it. i took his towel off and we were getting even more crazy. i let him takemy skirt and fishnets and shirt off so that i was only in my underware. he was holding me so tight and i was so 'exited' already i was digging my nails into his arms but he didnt mind. we kept makeing out like crazy as he ran his hands all over my body.
i was walking out of my house to go to manson's. i needed to borrow a t-shirt cuzmine were all dirty. i kept forgeting to wash mine.
i got there and i knocked on the door but no one answered. luckly the door was open so i just went in. i heard talking up stairs so i headed up to his bedroom. i thought i heard a girl moan but i remembered that girl didnt stay over...i think
i walked up to his bedroom door and opened it
Asura's POV:
i saw the door knob move but i ignored it. then next thing you know it was Ginger.
manson knowticed he walked in
"what the f*ck is your f*cking problem dude!!" he yelled as we both covered ourself with the covers
"holy sh*t dude im sooo sorry i just came to borrow a shirt dude im so sorry!" ginger said
i looked away and hid myself behind Marilyn's back.
"dude itz fine. just please try and dont do it again" he said calmly as he knowticed ginger was really scared
Manson always abuses Ginger for the fun of it, but he was really starting to knowticed how much he really hurt him.
"oh god thank you! i promise i wont do that ever again!" ginger said in relief. he grabbed a random shirt from the closet and went back to his house
me and marilyn calmed down a bit
"im so sorry that im moving fast" he said
"itz fine i dont mind" i said smiling and this time i was looking up and down at him.
"oh ok hehe" he said blushing
we both got dressed.
i heard my phone ring. it was ana
"i'll wait for you down stairs" he said heading down stares
"hello" i said answering my phone
"dude you have to get over here atticus told me if i wanted to be his girlfriend!"
"oh thats great um i'll tell marilyn"
"ok i'll pick you up just text me his address"
"k bye"
i texted her his address and went down stairs
"um marilyn i gata go"
"but why?!" he said looking sad
"itz ana she wants to hang out for a bit, but i promise i'll come back tomorow!"
"ok fine"
i waited for ana to pick me up while i was sitting on the couch with manson.
Marilyn's POv
i cant believe she was leaving already
i wanted to say i love you to her but itz to early. the whole time we were sitting on the couch, she was carressing my leg and leaning on my shoulder.
the doorbell finally rang
it was ana
Asura gave me one last breath taking kiss before she left. i could tell her friend was shy, she didnt say anything.
Asura's POV
i was walking out the door and closing the door behind me but then the most exiting thing happened. right when the door about to close fully he shouted
i ran back inside. his hand was over his mouth with his eyes wide. i jumped on him, making him and me fall on the couch. i gave him a passionate breathtaking kiss and whispered " love you too" rite in his ear. he smiled widley and kissed me back soon after i had to leave me and ana walked to the car and i left without turning back.
"wow" was all ana could say
"i know rite" i giggled
we didnt talked the whole way back home until we got to the house.

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