Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles .9. (A little less Hate)

Maybe the title, kinda makes sense this time? You tell me... I've bcome incresignly bored of writing these little things... Damien has just come home, seen Adrienne in her room talking to a Mutant turtle, so there he goes and faints.... (would you? I'm serious, I wolrealy love people to essage me and tell me whatyou would do if you met the turtles...please, it will humour me.) ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by Emo1for1the1screamo on Thursday, April 29, 2010

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I stood on in front of my brother’s bedroom door, trying to fathom deeply in my mind what had just happened, I was just innocently talking to... oh,right.

“You’re an organised chick aren’t you?” I trudged down the hall, clearly in theknow that he was talking about my art folders.

“Funny little turtle aren’t we?”

He turned round and smiled at me.

“See? It’s not that hard.”


“Sayin’ what you see.” I laughed once, then sat down on the carpet, I leant against, my wardrobe behind me, and for a short second, I thought that we were going to return to our awkward silence, but a question adorned my mind.



“Are you bored?”


“Wanna’ go somewhere?”

“Like, where?” I beamed up at him, grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. “No way, I came here to get away from Mikey!”

“I’m not Sayin’ just Mikey, Don and Leo too.”

“Thought you hated him?”

“You can’t just judge some-“ I paused for a moment, looking down at him blankly. “How did you know that I hated him, I don’t hate him! I just dislike what I’ve heard from him so far, I haven’t even seen his face.”

“Everybody hates him, and his face looks pretty much the same as mine.”

“How can you say that? He’s your brother.”

“Yeah, he’s my brother, we have the same genes, we’re bound to look alike.”

“I mean about hating him, you don’t hate your own blood do you?”

“Sometimes, quite often actually.” He sat down beside me on the carpet, I looked at him with a meaningful smile on my face.

“There’s no such thing as hate Raph, it’s just misunderstood love.”

He looked down at me at me and laughed, only once.

“I may be deep, but that is just corny as hell.”

“Okay, that may be, but I’m not asking you to worship the ground he walks on,”

“Good, because I won’t.”

“I’m not saying you have to, just, try hate him a little less?”

He sighed, clearly not intrigued by my proposition, he hung his head, staring down at the carpet.

“Fine,” He looked up at me again, forcing a small smile. “but, not for him, or me, for you.”




“’Cos I’ve never met someone I’ve trusted straight away,” He swiftly rose to his feet. “I mean it, even Mikey still isn’t allowed in my room, none of them are.” He began to walk off to my bedroom window.

“That’s a bit demeaning don’t you think?”

“When you have a brother like Mikey, you have to be very evasive, you’re lucky you have to endure that.”

My mind froze to thoughts of my unconscious brother in the next room.

“Actually, I think I already have.”

He lifted up the window frame above my bed and stepped out onto the iron barred platform, he held up the frame for myself to follow, but I just stood there.

“We’re going then?”

“Uh, yeah?”


“We are taking to the roofs of New York, c’mon.” He gestured outside the window, I just looked at him blankly, then down at my ensemble.

“Can I change first?”

He didn’t bother to look down at what I was wearing, he just grunted in frustration and dropped the window, he turned round and leant against the glass, I shook my head smiling at the back of his head, I pulled on the chain for the blinds, they then folded around each other obstructing my view of the outside world.

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