Kakashi and Sakura Love *2*

I need help with my story. Sorry Its so late. this chapter isn't long and I'm sorry but writers block SUCKS!!!!!

Created by HotEmoGuitarChick on Monday, October 12, 2009

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Hinata’s POV:

I was having a hard time focusing on putting the streamers up. I suddenly fell over and Sakura was the first to get to me. “Hinata are you okay?” “Do you need to take a break?” Sakura said. “I think I need to take a quick brake. If that’s alright.” I said. “Yeah that’s totally fine” Said TenTen and Temari at the same time. So I took a 30 minute break and was feeling a whole lot better. So we finished setting up everything just in time because the door bell rang and Sasuke came in and he had my twins with him. After that all the guests showed up. Kakashi even showed up on time. An hour and a half after we finished setting up all the decorations and all the guests showed up Ino and Choji came home. Ino bursted into tears when she saw everything. “I didn’t think you guys would go this far.” She said in between tears. Choji held her and after she stopped she thanked us for doing this. “Ino we love you of course we would do this for you.” I said.

Ino’s POV:

“I love you too you guys” I said. “Forehead have you found a boyfriend yet?” I said teasing her like always. “No I’m not looking for a boyfriend Ino pig. Sakura said teasing back. “Well hurry up and find one because I don’t want my child’s god mother to be single.” I said hoping she would catch on. “Huh wait what? REALLY!!! You mean it I can be the God mother?” She practically yelled. “Duh I couldn’t think of anyone better to be.” I said hugging her. “Oh My God thank you Ino and Choji. You don’t know how happy I am” Sakura said Very Happily. After the party was over I walked over to Sakura. “Sakura I’m worried about you. You haven’t been on a date since you were 15 that was over 10 yrs ago.” I said very worried “Ino I like someone but I could never be with him.” Sakura said to me. “Oh well who it is maybe I can help?” I said to her. “I’m only telling you this because I’m the god mother of your child and because you’re my best friend.” She said “Okay I won’t tell anyone” I said to her “I like Kakashi. I know that he wont have the same feelings though and these feeling I have never felt before.” She whispered to me. “Oh so that’s who you like. He is a nice guy, strong, and cute. He is totally your type. I have no idea how I didn’t see that.” I said to her. “Thank You for not telling anyone Ino.” She said “Sakura will you at least let me, Hinata, TenTen, and Temari set you up on a blind date. PLEASE! You really should just take 1 night off and have fun.” I asked her. “Uhhhhhhh fine I guess you can. But no one ugly. Like Kankaru.” She said agreeing. “Okay no one like Kankaru.” I said happily. “Well I should be going because I will be working for two days straight so I can go on the blind date.” She said before leaving my new house. I suddenly felt two strong arms wrap around my waist and a chin on my shoulder. “So she likes Kakashi. I over heard you guys talking. You should learn not to whisper so loud.” Choji said. “Oh SHIT Sakura will kill me if she finds out you know. DON’T TELL ANYONE UNDERSTAND! Or you will never see me and the baby ever again. I said knowing that he wouldn’t tell anyone. “I know. I wouldn’t want to hurt Sakura by telling everyone her little secret and I DEFINATLY don’t want to lose you and our baby. Choji said in response rubbing my belly. I turned around and wrapped my arms around his next and kissed him. “I love you” I whispered in his ear seductively. “I love you too” Choji.

TenTen’s POV:

TenTen meet up with Hinata, Ino, and Temari. “Okay time to go to Naruto” said Hinata. “Okay but why can’t we do this ourselves?” asked Ino. “Because Naruto has all the files on all the Ninjas.” said Temari. “Well I already have a guy in mind. Ok to Naruto I’m dieing to know what is on his file now.” Said Ino. “This is going to end badly” I thought. TenTen had no idea what was in store for her. They got Naruto’s office and found Naruto sleeping. Temari walks over to Naruto and whispers something to Naruto. Naruto jumps up and rushes out the door and comes back in after 10 minutes. “There is no monkey outside with all of my ramen noodles” Naruto said after he sat down in his chair. We all burst out laughing except Hinata she just went and sat on Naruto’s lap. “Naruto we need to look at all of the male ninja files. We r trying to find a good match for Sakura.” Said Hinata while playing with Naruto’s hair. “Hinata the files r in the corner over there.” Naruto said pointing to a HUGE stack of files in the corner. “I am picking the first file” Ino said happily. “Okay” I said. Ino walked up to Naruto and whispered something in his ear and Naruto almost choked on his food. Then Naruto pulled out a file from his desk.

Ino’s POV:

“Thank you Naruto” I said in a girly voice. “I have the file I wanted now lets see what he has been up to. OMG come here. I want this to be the guy.” I told everyone. TenTen Hinata and Temari ran over to me to see what guy I picked. “OH MY FRICKING GOD! He is so HOT!” Temari practically yelled. “I know. Wow I did think he was that young either.” TenTen said. “He’s perfect for her” Hinata said. “Guys will u please not talk about my ex-sensei that way when I’m in the room.” Naruto said still sitting in his chair. “Sorry baby. Do u mind if we take his file though” Hinata said while wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately on the lip and then whispered something in Naruto’s ear that made him turn bright red. “Y-yeah u can take the file but bring it back before next week.” Naruto said still very red. So we left his office and went to a coffee lounge. “I’m going to let Choji go to the bar tonight but he has to find out what Kakashi like’s in women.”

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