Teen Titans WWFFY 2

sorry for the wait ^^. I had a inspirational block but im back! RECAP: You are falling 50ft off your school building~ ENJOY

Created by GoldenDragon64 on 11/30/1999

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Did you read the memo

While you were falling you felt something strange in your chest. Something you've never felt before. (ugh, as if falling 50ft wasn't bad enough) you thought to yourself. It felt like fire was engulfing your body with flames. You never felt this much pain

Obviously not noticing your pain, Slade kept on mocking you "Come come my dear, stop playing these stupid games. It's starting to get ridiculously boring." You managed to lock eyes with him and it looked like he was enjoying himself.

You were just moments from falling smack down onto the school yard, when suddenly you noticed something....off. Like something was not the way it should be.

Was it the fact that your school doesn't have a yard right behind the building? Or the fact that the pain just disappeared right after it had occurred? No. It was the fact that you had stopped falling 10ft above the ground!!!

And not only that, when you looked at one of the school windows, you saw your eyes and your hands glowing. . .( choose a colour ^^)

For some reason, this didn't freak you out as much as you thought it would. Maybe it was the fact that you were STILL in midair. Slowly, you managed to float yourself safely down to the ground, only to be greeted by the madman who threw you.

He starts clapping sarcastically toward you. "Well done ____, well done." "YOU! y-you're the one who THREW me off the BUILDING! I could've DIED! " you said angrily. "Now, now ___. we both know that that wouldn't have happened." he said.

"Yeah right..." you said while rolling your eyes. "Anyway, now that we've gotten that out of the way, it's time for Test #1 to begin. I hope you are ready."

Suddenly, Slade pulled out a metal bo staff and tried to attack you. You barely dodged most of his attacks but thanks to your powers you were able to fight back. You threw some punches (that may or may not of missed).

But soon the tables turned for the worst. Slade had you on the ropes. He knocked you around a bit, just for fun. You were beat up bad. "I was expecting so much from you, _____ even though you're just an amateur. But in the end, i guess

Then suddenly-ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER!!! >:D sorry i posted till way l8ter i've been busy with stuff but i'll post pt 3 real soon! so STAY TUNED and message 'n' rate! pls.

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