Last time you met Eggman and got put to sleep with gas but is that all it did??? I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTERS BUT LIZZY. please read these in order or they don't make sence.

Created by I3LOVE3APPLES on 11/30/1999

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You wake up in a glass prison and see that your in a control room of some-sort. You feel different yet a lot more comfortable than you have in years. You look down to see that your no longer human but an OTTER!!!!

"It must be odd to be back to your old Mobian self Princess Lizzy"Eggman says popping out of nowhere. "What?"you said."you are the princess of mobus and I kidnapped you and put you on earth as a little experiment and I've decided you could be useful"

NEEEE!!!! An alarm goes off "grr SCOURGE SHADOW COME GARD THE PRISONER" Eggman yelled through a communicator. You just notice then that your clothes are 100 sizes to big and one of your glasses lenses were broken

As soon as Eggman leaves the room 2 hedgehogs came in. One was green with a leather jacket, sunglasses and a scar on his chest; the other was black with red highlights red eyes and rocket boots.

"Names Scourge and that's Shadow" the green one says pointing to himself and the black hedgehog. "And your name would be?" "Scourge stop talking to the prisoner" Shadow ordered. "I don't take orders from you"Scourge said."fine get her name if you must"

They turn to you "my names Lizzy" no sooner had you said it that the door was busted down by a... CLIFFHANGER !!!!! Rate and Message ideas and/or criticisms.

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