Faces of Power (Avengers wwyff) 31

Created by MusicMaster9 on 03/20/2013

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It's finally Saturday, the morning of your date with Kang-Dae. He'd texted you earlier, telling you he'd be by the tower by 7:30. You still have the whole day to do your own thing. Of course, you choose to spend your morning to train. Steve isn't there,

meaning your help must've worked. 'He must be asleep,' you conjecture. "Ah, ____, I've been expecting you. Would you like to join me in some training?" 'Expecting me?' You quickly brush the thought away, Joy's words still fresh in your mind. "Um, yeah.

Training. So, what do you want to do? Hand-to-hand combat or WHAA!" You don't even get to finish your question before one huge fist flies to the spot where your head should've been hadn't your quick reflexes kicked in and ducked. You take the split second

before back flipping and dodging another blow to analyze your opponent. Around 6'3", large build, strong arms. You also remember from watching his latest battles that he also possesses extraordinary resilience. Gaining the upper hand against such an

opponent will be hard. At least Natasha was the same size as you. No matter how many times you dodge and duck, he only comes back with another punch or jab. You must come up with some sort of strategy. Then, you think of his body (not that way ladies ;)).

You duck under the next blow and trip his feet with a smooth swipe of your right leg. When he's down, you take the oppurtunity to jump up to one of the hooks holding a punching bag. With grace your former teacher would be proud of, you swing back toward

Thor'a direction and kick him in the side of the head. Just as you'd expected, his weight doesn't allow him to get up as quickly as before. 'He's down," you proudly announce to yourself. Think again. Suddenly, you hear a loud crack of thunder as Mjollnir

soars into the open plam of its wielder. "Crap," you mutter dryly. 'He's pulling out the big guns.' Luckily, you have a weapon of your own. Tony and Bruce had designed it for you right after after giving you the suit. You unsheathe your black, white, and

gold katana. It's gold blade glistens in the bright light of the room. With a sadistic smirk that you'd expect Loki to express, Thor pounces like an over-sized jungle cat (LOL!). Ready in position, you dig your feet solid in the smilulated earth below and

brace yourself for the impact. Just as you'd expected, the second Thor's hammer collides with your katana, a deafening sound wave reverberates through the facility. Your opponent falters backward before returning with another with another punch, this time

accompanied by his hammer. You easliy block this one, more confident. Then you shroud his mind with an image of you running toward his right. Believing what he sees to be reality, he sharply turns on his heels, his back facing you. Smirking, you pull his

body toward your chest and slide your katana in front of his jugular vein. Standing on your tip-toes, you devilishly whisper in his ear, mocking him in a way, "I believe this to be my victory." He retruns the grin by somehow twisting his body under your

grasp, facing you directly. Realizing the small distance between you and him, you turn away to leave, but he has a strong grip on you. His expression's unreadable as he gazes into your eyes. Just when you think the distance between the two of you is less-

ening, Bruce comes in the lab overseeing your "progress" in training. With lightning speed, Thor lets go of you and takes a step back. You can't tell whether he's embarrassed or annoyed by reading his facial expression. Bruce catches on, though. With a

suspicious stare, he asks, "Am I interrupting something?" "No!" You respond, a little too eager. He gives a questioning look, but reluctantly turns his attention to all the charts and graphs that track your progress. Later, after lunch, you have another

session with Bruce. This is your fifth one so far. He's been showing great change in his self-control and anger-management. He no longer fears the Hulk. **"Hey, you look great," Kang-Dae states as he pulls you in to kiss you on the cheek. "Thanks, you too

So, where are we going?" "It's not far from here. You'll see." With a playful huff, you look out the window of his car and patiently wait until he parks it in front of a park. It's much smaller than Central Park. You've never even seen it before. He opens

your door for you and helps you out. In his hands are two pairs of skates; one black, one white. The black ones are slightly larger than the others. He nods over to a lit up area beyond the tall trees and wooden benches. You follow his gaze. It's an ice

rink surrounded by blue and white Christmas lights. Everything is lit up in beautiful colors, from the trees to the stone walkway leading to the edge of the frozen lake. He hands you your skates. "You know how to skate right?" Embarrassed, you reply, "The

last time I went out to skate was in 7th grade." Smiling warmly, he helps you balance yourself, and holds your hand the whole time you skate, so you don't fall. *** "So, did you have a good time?" "Yeah," you reply enthusiastically. "Brought back memories

"Good. Hey, you think it be nice if we crash at your place and watch a few movies?" You're surprised by this proposal, but agree. *** "You're gonna like it. His theater's top-notch. I don't think he'd mind," you explain as the sliding elevator doors part.

You dont' notice that Kang-Dae ceases to move out of the elevator until you see a pair of black combat boots directly in front of your brown boots. Immediately knowing who it is, you hesitantly raise your head to see Director Fury with a scowl on his face

CLICK! You snap your head back to see Coulson (he's alive) arresting Kang-Dae. Without saying a word, you know what's going on. *** Ok! Don't forget to check all results to see your outfit for Steve's date, Kang-Dae's date, and your katana.

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