Sonic heroes wwyff 2: Disturbia

Finally I got to part 2 for once. Yes, this is the one where the rest of my OCs Elisa, Venus, and Alice come in. Enjoy! Comment and rate!

Created by primelover99 on 11/30/1999

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"You fools think you can stop me? I don't so!" says Metal Sonic as he still clutches onto Felicia as if she were the human version of an Chaos emerald. Just as he almost flies off with her, you hear a girl's voice say-

You soon find out who the female cat is. "Not now Venus." Metal Sonic tells the girl, but she refuses. "Either let her go or take me instead!" Venus snapped back. There is a total look of shock on your face.

"Fine, you win." mutters Metal Sonic as he lets go of Felicia. "I'll be back for you tonight, just you wait and see V." He flies off and is gone.

Venus rolls her eyes and then stops as she walks over to your team. "Hey guys, who's she?" asks Venus as she looks at you.

"This is _____." says Amy. "Nice to meet you _____, the name's Venus the cat, but call me Venus. Excuse my boyfriend there, he's in a bad mood."

She nods as you asked if Metal Sonic was her boyfriend.

As you arrive back with the team, you happen to almost run into a crocodile with headphones on his head. A magenta chameleon female looks at you as if you were related to Eggman.

"Watch where your going next time human. The next time you won't be so lucky if this happens again." says the magenta chameleon. The girl's name is called and she follows it. Apparently her name is Layla.

End of quiz. I hope you liked it. What did you think of it?

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