Sonic the Hedgehog: WWFFY part 2

Part 2!!!!!!

Created by BoomBoom603 on 02/13/2013

Take the Sonic the Hedgehog: WWFFY part 2 quiz.

We last left off when there was a big BOOM noise, correct?

Let's begin! You heard a load BOOM! It sounded like it came from the hallway. You grabbed your old baseball bat (just incase) and headed down the hall. When you got the you saw a man that was shaped like an egg, sitting in a giant flying chair thing.

You got your baseball bat ready as he pressed a button on his flying chair. Then all of a sudden an arm claw thingy came out of his chair! And it was coming toward you!

It got you! *you're trying to hit it with your baseball bat* The egg shaped man made an evil smile and said, " I am Docter Eggman and YOU are coming with me!"

All the sudden you here another loud BOOM! You see a tiny blue hedgehog! The hedgehog look at Eggman and said, " Put her down or I'll put her down!" Eggman quickly replied, " No! Not this time!" Then about a dozen robots came in!

The robots started to attack the hedgehog. You shot the claw with your energy bolts! It dropped you. You ran over to help the hedgehog but when got over there all the robots were destroyed! Then he grabbed your hand and ran off!

Finally he stopped. He put you down and said, "Hi! My name's Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog!" You answered," My name's____. Thank's for saving me." Just then you heard a scream, " SONIC!" it came closer then CLIFFHANGER! see you next time.

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