This is mobius! sonic wwffy part 1(girls only)

hello,this is my first quiz/wwffy thing so,go easy on me! You can look however you want but you have to be 16 years old in my quiz and you live with your horrible family. what are we waiting for jesus? On with the quiz! hold on! this_means your name. NOW ON WITH THE QUIZ!!!!!!!!!

Created by Rella00zx on 11/30/1999

Take the This is mobius! sonic wwffy part 1(girls only) quiz.

so, your walking home from a long day from school,when something runs right pass you knocking you down.

"sorry about that! I got to stop running into people!" You look up to see a hedgehog but,this ones blue! "uh..yeah." you said "here let me help you up." The hedgehog extends a hand to help you up from the ground floor.

you take the hand and the blue hedgehog helps you up. "I'm sonic,sonic the hedgehog! whats your name?""My name is_""thats a cool name,but im afraid you have to come with me now"

"sorry but I've got no choice" And in a secound your swept off your feet and into sonics arms you:0////0.He runs into the the forest and you relize he's pretty fast but start falling to sleep into sonics arms. Well thats it for now folks and see you next

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