Death Note RP {part 2}

Yay! This is part 2~ I'm Trying to do one part every day! But that may not happen if I don't get messages with Ideas, I had writer's block earlier but then I got an Idea so yeah! Please Message and rate!

Created by pandalover0908 on 11/30/1999

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Did you read the memo?

Okay, last time we left out on when you were all in the cafe and you joined task force, yes?

RP TIME!: ok, so now you've finished eating/drinking whatever you ordered. Then you ask L," Um, I have a question. Why did you guys let me join the kira case without getting to know me first, I mean like, What if I was kira?" The others stop and look at

"___, who's your uncle?" You stare at him like you're confused," Watari, why?" L gives you a small creepy smile, " you see, ___, Watari and I are good friends and he said that you were a Intelligent woman that would be a great addition to the kira case."

"Oh, so that explains it." you whisper to yourself. You guys all walk outside and go inside a car, while Matt drives, it's silent. Finally you brake the silence," Where are we going?" "Task force HQ" answers light.

You finally arrive to task force HQ and, it's HUGE!You all cram into an elevator and go to the 11th floor.

You get out of the elevator and look around the place. You open a window and see that it's getting dark. L noticed and said, " Matt, why dont you take ___ to her room?" Matt runs and grabs your hand and leads you to your room.

You enter your room and look around, then you ask," why do I need to stay here?" " Because if you leave task force, kira might kill you, or worse BB" You stare at your feet.

Then Matt leaves, leaving you thinking the possibilities. Yuo go to your closet, find a pair of pajamas, put them on and go to bed. Well, that's it for today! Be sure to Rate and Message!!!!!!

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