Friends reunited (sonic wwyff)8

Thanks for the messages!! My guests arelegend24450a (ailen),sonicgirl95 (brenna) and 15opal15 (opal). Oh yeah and DiamondWarrior has a story that my hedgie shade is in,you guys should read it!

Created by Pepsicrazed on 11/30/1999

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It doesn't take long for the guys and opal to come back "did you get ride of scourge"I ask "oh yeah big time,he shouldnt bug __ anymore"opal replies "well we have four hours till sunrise"shadow says

"so we can sleep then go back if you want __"sonic says "im ok guys let's just enjoy the rest of the campout"you reply. Opal gets a call and says she has to go take care of her family "aww,we'll miss you opal"I say

Everyone gives her a hug and she heads home,we go back into the tents and sleep awhile. "__,___ wake up"silver says lightly pushing you "hmm,I'm up"you say groggily he laughs and says "its time to pack up"

"ok,just give me a minute"you say and he nods. You gather your thing together and step outside. Brenna,ailen,me and sonic are piling things up and shadow is taking the tents down. Silver starts taking down the big one

He takes down one side and the other falls too,you run over and hold it up "need some help"you ask giggling "yeah thanks"he says. "hey __,silver"brenna yells "yeah"you reply "were taking the stuff to the house"she says

"ok I'll stay and help silver"you say and she nods everyone leaves. So your alone with silver"hey can you hold this"he ask handing you a support pole. You take it and prop up the center with it

"I'll get the stakes"you say and start taking them out of the ground, you back up and knock over the pole causing the tent to fall. It wraps up you and silver and you try to unwrap it "uh, I think we need help"you say

"y-yeah a little"he says blushing at how close you two are. You push on one side of the tent and it rolls which ends up with silver Rollin on top of you "uh s-sorry"he says trying to move but to no avail

You two are stuck until one of the others come back "let's hope its not shadow"you joke trying to get rid of the awkwardness "that wouldn't be good"he says laughing. You notice how close you are to kissing

And he does too, you both lean in and kiss,but it's not long until you break it because you hear someone "what happened there"ailen asks "uh"was all sonic replied "uh a little help"you say "oh my,you're stuck"ailen says

"silver,you in there too"sonic asks "heh yeah,I am"silver says,ailen and sonic unwrap the tent and you and silver roll out "fresh air"you say standing up "well I think I'll leave the tents for shadow"silver says

"ok grab the tent and we'll head back"sonic says. Ailen uses chaos control and gets you guys to sonic in no time "I'm gonna take a shower"you say "ok I'll start breakfast"silver says

You take a nice long shower and get dressed. You smell food and go to the kitchen "smells good"you say "I bet it tastes just as good"brenna says as me,her and ailen walk in "it's ready,so take a seat"silver says

I'm next to ailen,brenna is on ailens other side and shadow,silver and sonic each have a space next to them for you to sit (who do you sit by)

so __,how do you like it here so far"shadow asks "it fun here,I like it"you reply "more exciting than your old town"sonic says "oh yeah,big time"I says "it wasn't that bad"you says to me "for fun we would watch people"I reply

"watch people"brenna questions "not in a creepy way"you say "yeah we would just see what they do,remember that one old dude"I ask "oh the one with the beard"you ask "yep and he stuck cheese in it"I say laughing

Everyone looks at us funny "you had to be there"I say "some times I wonder why you're my friend"shadow mumbles "it's cuz I'm so awesome,besides without me you wouldn't have met __"I reply

He looks to you quickly and then back down "ok this is weird"ailen says "how so"brenna asks "all the guys like __,but no one shows it"ailen replies "ailen"all the guys yell "what,it's true"she says

The guys slightly blush and quiet down "great now it's awkward"brenna says "yeah we should fix that"I say "__ how about you go on a date with each one of them"I ask "w-what,I mean how come"you ask

"well they all like you and I'm sure you like one of them"I say and you blush "see,so you can go on date with each one to see who you like more"I finish the guys look at you hopeful and you say "ok,I'll do it"

"yes"the guys say then glare at each other "no fighting"brenna says "no promises"shadow replies smirking "ok guys calm down"I say and they sit back down. '__ can we play now'mystic asks "sure"you say

'hi brenna,hi ailen'mystic greets "hi"brenna says "hey there"ailen replies "mystic don't run off with __ok"I say 'ok,I wont"she replies and leads you outside. You throw a ball and mystic chases it and brings it back

{how is this entertaining}you think 'it's a dog thing'mystic says "how did you"you ask but stop remembering how she is talking to you 'i can here your thoughts while I'm talking to you'she says

You play with her for a while and go back inside. "hey wanna watch some tv"sonic asks and you sit next to him. You two watch a few shows and you start to get sleepy,you yawn and start to sleep

But before you do you feel sonic put his arm around you "sweet dreams __"he whispers pulling a blanket over you. [Well part 8 didn't seem all that great to me and I don't know why]

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