wwffy? vampire, demon, fallen angel, neko, or werewolf {39}

i have officially taken ryan out of the quiz...sorry it so long, but crap happens...

Created by megan123star on 11/30/1999

Take the wwffy? vampire, demon, fallen angel, neko, or werewolf {39} quiz.

You were pacing around your room, trying to think but everytime you thought of something, something else kept blocking that thought forcing another thought into your head. It was like someone was hammering a thoughts into your head.

"STOP IT!" you yell helplessy. The pressure in your head was becoming too great. All these feelings; regret, hurt, loss, depression, anger, and revenge kept going through your head. "Please...stop..." you whisper.

You fell to the ground while clutching your head tightly with your hands, trying to ease the pain. '___, don't fight it.' a voice whispered in your head. Your door opened but all you could see were the feet of the person running to you.

"___! What's wrong?!" a familiar voice yelled worriedly. "Xane, help me." you said, trying to reach for him. He grasped your hand. "I can't help if you don't tell me what's wrong." he said. Another explosion of feelings came and you screamed out in agony.

"How can I help, ___, please tell me!" he yelled helplessly. "The feelings...they hurt..." you whimpered. "What feelings?" he asked, holding you close to him. "His feelings...." you choked out. "Whose?!" Xane asked impatiantly.

All of a sudden, a crash came from your window. "Hello, Love." a dark voice said. "C-C-Chris." you gasped out. He let out a small chuckle. "Why thank you for holding my ___ for me." Chris said, walking towards you and Xane.

"I think it's best you leave, Chris." Xane said gravely. "Oh, I will. As soon as I take my pet, you won't hear a word from me." Chris said, a smirk appearing on his face. "You'll never take __!" Xane yelled.

As Xane was saying this, Chris raised his arm and Xane was instantly knocked out cold when he hit the wall. Still weakened by the feelings, you couldn't move. During the little flight Xane took to the wall, you fell out of his arms.

Chris made his way to Xane. "Now, you can die the easy way, and let me kill you. Or we could go into a full out, pointless battle that you know you will lose. Your choice." Chris said, crouching down to Xane's level.

"Chris...please." you said gently. He stood back up and looked at you. "Please...don't hurt anyone. I'll leave without a hassle if you just...don't hurt anyone." He pondered this for awhile then nodded. "Alright."

He picked you up bridal-style and teleported out of the now-destroyed room to a formal looking room. "Well, that was easy." Chris said and walked off. "By the way, we're having dinner to discuss things. So dress nice." he said.

END! not really a good ending for this one, but i'm on writer's block so leave me alone...RATE AND MESSAGE

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